Vol. 15  Occupations

Title 52 Occupations and professions

670. Occupations and Professions Generally
671. Architects; Landscape Professions and Business
672. Professional Engineers; Land Surveyors; Photogrammetrists; Geologists
673. Accountants; Other Tax Professionals
674. Real Estate Appraisers and Appraisal
675. Psychologists; Occupational Therapists; Certified Sex Offender Therapists; Regulated Social Workers
676. Health Professions Generally
677. Regulation of Medicine, Podiatry and Acupuncture
678. Nurses; Nursing Home Administrators
679. Dentists
680. Dental Hygienists; Denturists
681. Hearing, Speech and Music Therapy Professionals
682. Regulation of Ambulance Services and Emergency Medical Services Providers
683. Optometrists; Opticians
684. Chiropractors
685. Naturopaths
686. Veterinarians; Veterinary Technicians
687. Massage Therapists; Direct Entry Midwives
688. Therapeutic and Technical Services: Physical Therapists; Medical Imaging Practitioner
689. Pharmacists; Drug Outlets; Drug Sales
690. Cosmetic Professionals
691. Dietitians
692. Funeral Service Practitioners; Embalmers; Death Care Consultants; Funeral Establishments; Cemetery and Crematory Operators
693. Plumbers
694. Hearing Aid Specialists
695. Watch Dealers
696. Real Estate and Escrow Activities
697. Collection Agencies; Check-Cashing Businesses; Debt Management Service Providers
698. Auctions
699. Innkeepers and Hotelkeepers
700. Environmental Health Specialists; Waste Water Specialists
701. Construction Contractors and Contracts
702. Student Athlete Agents
703. Truth Verification and Deception Detection; Investigators
704. Outfitters and Guides
705. Department of Consumer and Business Services
706. Administration and Enforcement of Banking Laws Generally
707. Organization to Conduct Banking Business; Stockholders, Directors and Officers
708A. Regulation of Institutions Generally
709. Regulation of Trust Business
711. Merger; Conversion; Share Exchange; Acquisition; Liquidation; Insolvency
713. Out-of-State Banks and Extranational Institutions
714. Branch Banking; Automated Teller Machines
715. Bank Holding Companies; Financial Holding Companies
716. Savings Banks
717. Money Transmission
723. Credit Unions
725A. Title and Payday Loans
725. Consumer Finance
726. Pawnbrokers
731. Administration and General Provisions
732. Organization and Corporate Procedures of Domestic Insurers; Regulation of Insurers Generally
733. Accounting and Investments
734. Rehabilitation, Liquidation and Conservation of Insurers
735. Alternative Insurance
737. Rates and Rating Organizations
741. Health Insurance Exchange
742. Insurance Policies Generally; Property and Casualty Policies
743A. Health Insurance: Reimbursement of Claims
743B. Health Benefit Plans: Individual and Group
743. Health and Life Insurance
744. Insurance Producers; Life Settlement Providers, Brokers and Contracts; Adjusters; Consultants; Third Party Administrators; Reinsurance Intermediaries; Limited Licenses
746. Trade Practices
748. Fraternal Benefit Societies
750. Health Care Service Contractors; Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements; Legal Expense Organizations
752. Professional Liability Funds
756. Public Utility Commission
757. Utility Regulation Generally
758. Utility Rights of Way and Territory Allocation; Cogeneration
759. Telecommunications Utility Regulation
772. Rights of Way for Public Uses
774. Citizens Utility Board
776. Maritime Pilots and Pilotage
777. Ports Generally
778. Port of Portland
780. Improvement and Use of Navigable Streams
783. Liabilities and Offenses Connected With Shipping and Navigation; Shipbreaking; Ballast Water
801. General Provisions and Definitions for Oregon Vehicle Code
802. Administrative Provisions
803. Vehicle Title and Registration
805. Special Registration Provisions
806. Financial Responsibility Law
807. Driving Privileges and Identification Cards
809. Refusal, Suspension, Cancellation and Revocation of Registration, Title, Driving Privileges and Identification Card; Vehicle Impoundment
810. Road Authorities; Courts; Police; Other Enforcement Officials
811. Rules of the Road for Drivers
813. Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants
814. Pedestrians; Passengers; Livestock; Motorized Wheelchairs; Vehicles With Fewer Than Four Wheels
815. Vehicle Equipment Generally
816. Vehicle Equipment: Lights
818. Vehicle Limits
819. Destroyed, Totaled, Abandoned, Low-Value and Stolen Vehicles; Vehicle Identification Numbers; Vehicle Appraisers
820. Special Provisions for Certain Vehicles
821. Off-Road Vehicles; Snowmobiles; All-Terrain Vehicles
822. Regulation of Vehicle Related Businesses
823. Carrier Regulation Generally
824. Railroads
825. Motor Carriers
826. Registration of Commercial Vehicles
830. Small Watercraft
835. Aviation Administration
836. Airports and Landing Fields
837. Aircraft Operation
838. Airport Districts