Vol. 10  Highways, Military, Juvenile Code, Human Services

Title 34 Human services; juvenile code; corrections

409. Department of Human Services
410. Senior and Disability Services
411. Public Assistance and Medical Assistance
412. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
413. Oregon Health Authority
414. Medical Assistance
416. Recovery of Aid and Support
417. Interstate Compacts on Juveniles and Children; Children and Family
418. Child Welfare Services
419A. Juvenile Code: General Provisions and Definitions
419B. Juvenile Code: Dependency
419C. Juvenile Code: Delinquency
420A. Oregon Youth Authority; Youth Correction Facilities
420. Youth Correction Facilities; Youth Care Centers
421. Department of Corrections Institutions; Compacts
423. Corrections and Crime Control Administration and Programs

Title 35 Mental health and developmental disabilities; alcohol and drug treatment

426. Persons With Mental Illness; Dangerous Persons; Commitment; Housing
427. Persons With Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities
428. Nonresident Persons With Mental Illness or Intellectual Disabilities
430. Mental Health; Developmental Disabilities; Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs
431A. Public Health Programs and Activities
431. State and Local Administration and Enforcement of Public Health Laws
432. Vital Statistics
433. Disease and Condition Control; Mass Gatherings; Indoor Air
435. Birth Control; Termination of Pregnancy
436. Sterilization
438. Laboratories; Anatomical Material
440. Health Districts; Port Hospitals
441. Health Care Facilities
442. Health Planning
443. Residential Care; Adult Foster Homes; Hospice Programs
444. Special Medical Services for Children
445. Indigent Persons Injured in Motor Vehicle Accidents
446. Manufactured Dwellings and Structures; Parks; Tourist Facilities; Ownership Records; Dealers and Dealerships
447. Plumbing; Architectural Barriers
448. Pool Facilities; Water and Sewage Systems
450. Sanitary Districts and Authorities; Water Authorities
451. County Service Facilities
452. Vector Control
453. Hazardous Substances; Radiation Sources
454. Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems
455. Building Code
456. Housing
457. Urban Renewal
458. Housing and Community Services Programs; Individual Development Accounts
459A. Reuse and Recycling
459. Solid Waste Management
460. Elevators; Amusement Rides and Devices
461. Oregon State Lottery
462. Racing
463. Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and Entertainment Wrestling
464. Games
465. Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Materials I
466. Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Materials II
467. Noise Control
468A. Air Quality
468B. Water Quality
468. Environmental Quality Generally
469A. Renewable Portfolio Standards
469B. Energy Tax Credits; Grants
469. Energy; Conservation Programs; Energy Facilities
470. Small Scale Local Energy Projects