Chapter 86A  Mortgage Lending

Mortgage Bankers; Mortgage Brokers; Mortgage Loan Originators

§ 86A.095 Short title
§ 86A.100 Definitions
§ 86A.103 License required to engage in residential mortgage transactions as mortgage banker or mortgage broker
§ 86A.106 Procedures for licensing
§ 86A.109 Expiration of initial license
§ 86A.112 Licensees to keep records
§ 86A.115 Grounds for denying, suspending, conditioning or revoking license
§ 86A.118 Action against applicant or licensee for act or omission of associate

(Regulation Of Lending Activity)

§ 86A.195 Restrictions on negative amortization loans
§ 86A.196 Notice of reverse mortgage prohibition in homestead property tax deferral program
§ 86A.198 Materials in languages other than English