Chapter 72A Leases

General Provisions

§ 72A.1070 Waiver or renunciation of claim or right after default
§ 72A.1010 Short title
§ 72A.1020 Scope
§ 72A.1030 Definitions and index of definitions
§ 72A.1040 Leases subject to other statutes
§ 72A.1050 Territorial application of act to goods covered by certificate of title

Formation and Construction of Lease Contract

§ 72A.2050 Firm offers
§ 72A.2060 Offer and acceptance in formation of lease contract
§ 72A.2010 Statute of frauds
§ 72A.2020 Final written expression
§ 72A.2030 Seals inoperative
§ 72A.2040 Formation in general

Effect of Lease Contract

§ 72A.3060 Priority of certain liens arising by operation of law
§ 72A.3070 Priority of liens arising by attachment or levy on goods
§ 72A.3010 Enforceability of lease contract
§ 72A.3020 Title to and possession of goods
§ 72A.3030 Alienability of party’s interest under lease contract or of lessor’s residual interest in goods
§ 72A.3040 Subsequent lease of goods by lessor

Performance of Lease Contract: Repudiated, Substituted and Excused

§ 72A.4010 Insecurity
§ 72A.4020 Anticipatory repudiation
§ 72A.4030 Retraction of anticipatory repudiation
§ 72A.4040 Substituted performance
§ 72A.4050 Excused performance
§ 72A.4060 Procedure on excused performance


§ 72A.5300 Lessor’s incidental damages
§ 72A.5100 Installment lease contracts
§ 72A.5010 Default
§ 72A.5020 Notice after default
§ 72A.5030 Modification or impairment of rights and remedies
§ 72A.5040 Liquidation of damages
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