Chapter 659A  Unlawful Discrimination in Employment, Public Accommodations and Real Property Transactions; Administrative and Civil Enforcement


§ 659A.001 Definitions

Purpose And Policy

§ 659A.003 Purpose of ORS chapter 659A
§ 659A.004 Short title
§ 659A.006 Declaration of policy against unlawful discrimination
§ 659A.009 Declaration of policy against discrimination in employment because of age
§ 659A.012 State agencies to carry out policy against discrimination in employment
§ 659A.015 Affirmative action reports to include information on contracts to minority businesses

Unlawful Employment Discrimination Because Of Race, Color, Religion, Sex, Sexual Orientation, National Origin, Marital Status Or Age

§ 659A.029 Because of sex defined for ORS 659A.030
§ 659A.030 Discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status or age prohibited
§ 659A.033 Violation of ORS 659A.030 by denying religious leave or prohibiting certain religious observances or practices
§ 659A.036 Short title

Unlawful Employment Discrimination Against Injured Workers

(Unlawful Discrimination Against Injured Workers)

§ 659A.040 Discrimination against worker applying for workers compensation benefits prohibited
§ 659A.043 Reinstatement of injured worker to former position
§ 659A.046 Reemployment of injured worker in other available and suitable work
§ 659A.049 Rights of reinstatement and reemployment protected
§ 659A.052 Reemployment rights of injured state workers

(Benefits For Injured State Workers And Covered Dependents)

§ 659A.060 Definitions for ORS 659A.060 to 659A.069
§ 659A.063 State to continue group health benefits for injured worker and covered dependents
§ 659A.066 Worker may continue benefits after employers obligation ends
§ 659A.069 Discrimination against state worker applying for benefits under ORS 659A.060 to 659A.069 prohibited

Unlawful Employment Discrimination And Required Leave Related To Military Service

(Unlawful Discrimination For Service In Uniformed Service)

§ 659A.082 Discrimination against person for service in uniformed service prohibited

(Leave Of Absence For State Service)

§ 659A.086 Employment rights of members of organized militia when called into active state service
§ 659A.088 Violation of ORS 659A.086 as unlawful employment practice

(Notification To Director Of Veterans Affairs)

§ 659A.089 Notification to Director of Veterans Affairs

(Oregon Military Family Leave Act)

§ 659A.090 Definitions for ORS 659A.090 to 659A.099
§ 659A.093 Employer required to provide leave
§ 659A.096 Denial of leave, retaliation and discrimination prohibited
§ 659A.099 Short title

Unlawful Discrimination Against Persons With Disabilities

§ 659A.103 Policy
§ 659A.104 Description of disability for purposes of ORS 659A.103 to 659A.145
§ 659A.106 Employers to whom ORS 659A.112 to 659A.139 apply
§ 659A.109 Discrimination against individual for using procedures in ORS 659A.103 to 659A.145 prohibited
§ 659A.112 Employment discrimination
§ 659A.115 Qualification for position
§ 659A.118 Reasonable accommodation
§ 659A.121 Undue hardship

Family Leave

§ 659A.150 Definitions for ORS 659A.150 to 659A.186
§ 659A.153 Covered employers
§ 659A.156 Eligible employees
§ 659A.159 Purposes for which family leave may be taken
§ 659A.162 Length of leave
§ 659A.165 Notice to employer
§ 659A.168 Medical verification and scheduling of treatment
§ 659A.171 Job protection

Leave To Attend Criminal Proceeding

§ 659A.190 Definitions for ORS 659A.190 to 659A.198
§ 659A.192 Leave to attend criminal proceeding
§ 659A.194 Denying leave to employee prohibited
§ 659A.196 Notice to employer
§ 659A.198 Use of paid leave


(Disclosures By Employee Of Violation Of State Or Federal Law)

§ 659A.199 Prohibited conduct by employer

(Disclosures By Public Employees)

§ 659A.200 Caution-flag-12 Definitions for ORS 659A.200 to 659A.224
§ 659A.203 Caution-flag-12 Prohibited conduct by public employer
§ 659A.206 Effects of ORS 659A.200 to 659A.224 on employees
§ 659A.209 Effect on public record disclosures
§ 659A.212 Policy on cooperation with law enforcement officials
§ 659A.215 Remedies not exclusive
§ 659A.218 Disclosure of employees name without consent prohibited
§ 659A.221 Uniform application to all public employers

(Reports Of Violations Of Election Laws)

§ 659A.228 Discrimination for reporting violation of election laws prohibited

(Initiating Or Aiding Administrative, Criminal Or Civil Proceeding)

§ 659A.230 Discrimination for initiating or aiding in criminal or civil proceedings prohibited
§ 659A.233 Discrimination for reporting certain violations or testifying at unemployment compensation hearing prohibited

(Legislative Testimony)

§ 659A.236 Discrimination for testifying before Legislative Assembly, committee or task force prohibited

Unlawful Employment Discrimination Relating To Employee Housing

§ 659A.250 Definitions for ORS 659A.250 to 659A.262
§ 659A.253 Restriction of access to employee housing owned or controlled by employer prohibited
§ 659A.256 Regulations by employers concerning use and occupancy of employee housing
§ 659A.259 Eviction from employee housing or discrimination against employee for reporting violations of ORS 659A.250 to 659A.262 prohibited
§ 659A.262 Warrant on behalf of person entitled to access to housing

Protections Because Of Domestic Violence, Harassment, Sexual Assault Or Stalking


§ 659A.270 Definitions for ORS 659A.270 to 659A.285
§ 659A.272 Employer required to provide leave
§ 659A.275 Undue hardship
§ 659A.277 Denying leave to employee prohibited
§ 659A.279 Required posting of summaries of statutes and rules
§ 659A.280 Notice to employer
§ 659A.283 Paid leave for public employees
§ 659A.285 Use of paid leave

(Prohibited Conduct)

§ 659A.290 Prohibited conduct by employer

Miscellaneous Unlawful Employment Discrimination

(Prohibited Testing)

§ 659A.300 Requiring breathalyzer, polygraph, psychological stress or brain-wave test or genetic test prohibited
§ 659A.303 Employer prohibited from obtaining, seeking to obtain or using genetic information
§ 659A.306 Requiring employee to pay for medical examination as condition of continued employment prohibited

(Miscellaneous Provisions)

§ 659A.309 Discrimination solely because of employment of another family member prohibited
§ 659A.312 Leave of absence to donate bone marrow
§ 659A.315 Restricting use of tobacco in nonworking hours prohibited
§ 659A.318 Discrimination relating to academic degree in theology or religious occupations prohibited
§ 659A.320 Discrimination based on information in credit history prohibited
§ 659A.321 Seniority systems and benefit plans not unlawful employment practices
§ 659A.330 Employee social media account privacy
§ 659A.350 Interns

Access To Public Accommodations

(Unlawful Discrimination In Public Accommodations)

§ 659A.400 Place of public accommodation defined
§ 659A.403 Discrimination in place of public accommodation prohibited
§ 659A.406 Aiding or abetting certain discrimination prohibited
§ 659A.409 Notice that discrimination will be made in place of public accommodation prohibited

(Access To Employee Toilet Facilities)

§ 659A.411 Definitions for ORS 659A.411 to 659A.415
§ 659A.413 Denial of access prohibited
§ 659A.415 Liability for damages
§ 659A.417 Violation of ORS 659A.413

Unlawful Discrimination In Real Property Transactions

§ 659A.421 Discrimination in selling, renting or leasing real property prohibited
§ 659A.425 Violation based on facially neutral housing policy

Unlawful Discrimination Because Of Employment Status

§ 659A.550 Discrimination because of employment status prohibited

Administrative Actions For Unlawful Discrimination

(Enforcement Powers Of Bureau Of Labor And Industries)

§ 659A.800 Elimination and prevention of discrimination by Bureau of Labor and Industries
§ 659A.805 Rules for carrying out ORS chapter 659A
§ 659A.810 Willful interference with administration of law and violation of orders of commissioner prohibited
§ 659A.815 Advisory agencies and intergroup-relations councils

(Complaint, Investigation And Hearing Procedures)

§ 659A.820 Complaints
§ 659A.825 Complaints filed by Attorney General or commissioner
§ 659A.830 Authority of commissioner
§ 659A.835 Investigation
§ 659A.840 Settlement
§ 659A.845 Formal charges
§ 659A.850 Hearing
§ 659A.855 Civil penalty for certain complaints filed by commissioner

Civil Actions For Unlawful Discrimination

§ 659A.870 Election of remedies
§ 659A.875 Time limitations
§ 659A.880 Ninety-day notice
§ 659A.885 Caution-flag-12 Civil action
§ 659A.890 Civil action for violation of ORS 659A.865


§ 659A.990 Penalties