Chapter 646A Trade Regulation


§ 646A.030 Definitions for ORS 646A.030 to 646A.042
§ 646A.032 Price list for health spa services
§ 646A.034 Contracts
§ 646A.036 Contracts and rules
§ 646A.038 Moneys paid prior to facility opening
§ 646A.040 Waiver of provisions of ORS 646A.030 to 646A.042

Manufactured Dwellings

§ 646A.050 Definitions
§ 646A.052 Form of purchase agreement
§ 646A.054 Rules

Purchase of Used Goods

§ 646A.060 Purchase of used goods
§ 646A.062 Penalty for violation of ORS 646A.060
§ 646A.064 Definitions for ORS 646A.064 to 646A.067
§ 646A.065 Records required for transactions involving items of precious metal
§ 646A.066 Applicability to local ordinances
§ 646A.067 Preemption of local requirements applicable to pawnbrokers

Telephonic Equipment

§ 646A.070 Sale of telephonic equipment
§ 646A.072 Exceptions to disclosure requirements

Retail Pet Stores

§ 646A.075 Required information prior to purchase of dog
§ 646A.077 Qualification for full refund

Miscellaneous Sales Transactions

§ 646A.080 Sale of novelty item containing mercury
§ 646A.081 Prohibition on sale or installation of mercury vapor outdoor lighting fixtures
§ 646A.082 Floral retail sales
§ 646A.085 Sale of rights by distributor to exhibit motion picture without first giving exhibitor opportunity to view motion picture prohibited
§ 646A.090 Offer to sell or lease motor vehicle subject to future acceptance by lender
§ 646A.092 Advertisements for sale or lease of motor vehicle

Going Out of Business Sales

§ 646A.100 Definitions for ORS 646A.100 to 646A.110
§ 646A.102 Notice of intent to conduct going out of business sale
§ 646A.104 Information required in notice of intent
§ 646A.106 Circumstances in which going out of business sale prohibited
§ 646A.108 Prohibited conduct
§ 646A.110 Applicability of ORS 646A.100 to 646A.110 and 646A.112

Rental and Lease Agreements

Lease Purchase Agreements

§ 646A.120 Definitions for ORS 646A.120 to 646A.134
§ 646A.122 Applicability of ORS 646A.120 to 646A.134
§ 646A.124 General disclosure requirements
§ 646A.126 Specific disclosure requirements
§ 646A.128 Provisions prohibited in lease-purchase agreements
§ 646A.130 Reinstatement of lease-purchase agreement by consumer

Collision Damage Waivers in Vehicle Rentals

§ 646A.140 Definitions for ORS 646A.140 and 646A.142
§ 646A.142 Rental vehicle collision damage waiver notice

Service Contracts

§ 646A.150 Applicability of ORS 646A.150 to 646A.172
§ 646A.152 Definitions for ORS 646A.150 to 646A.172
§ 646A.154 Service contract defined
§ 646A.156 Required contents of service contracts
§ 646A.158 Prohibited conduct
§ 646A.160 Service contract obligor as agent of insurer

Credit and Purchasing

Credit and Debit Card Receipts

§ 646A.200 Definitions for ORS 646A.202 and 646A.204
§ 646A.202 Payment processing systems
§ 646A.204 Customer information
§ 646A.206 Rules

Numbers, Expiration Dates or Personal Information in Credit or Debit Card Transactions

§ 646A.210 Requiring credit card number as condition for accepting check or share draft prohibited
§ 646A.212 Credit card defined
§ 646A.214 Verification of identity in credit or debit card transactions

Credit and Charge Card Solicitation Disclosure Requirements

§ 646A.220 Credit card solicitation
§ 646A.222 Charge card solicitation


§ 646A.230 Action by Attorney General or district attorney
§ 646A.232 Effect of compliance with federal law

Extension of Credit

§ 646A.240 Treatment of child support obligations by creditor in applications for extensions of credit
§ 646A.242 Creditor defined
§ 646A.244 Cause of action for violation of ORS 646A.240

Gift Cards

§ 646A.274 Caution-flag-12 Definitions for ORS 646A.276 and 646A.278
§ 646A.276 Sale of gift card that expires, declines in value, includes fee or does not give option to redeem
§ 646A.278 Requirements for sale of gift card that expires

Simulated Invoices

§ 646A.280 Definitions for ORS 646A.280 to 646A.290
§ 646A.282 Simulated invoices prohibited
§ 646A.284 Cause of action by Attorney General
§ 646A.286 Cause of action by private party
§ 646A.288 Presumptions in cause of action brought under ORS 646A.284 or 646A.286
§ 646A.290 Construction

Automatic Renewal and Continuous Service Offers

§ 646A.292 Legislative intent
§ 646A.293 Definitions for ORS 646A.293 and 646A.295
§ 646A.295 Prohibited actions


Repurchase of Farm Implements by Supplier From Retailer

§ 646A.300 Definitions for ORS 646A.300 to 646A.322
§ 646A.302 Application of ORS 646A.300 to 646A.322 to successor in interest or assignee of supplier
§ 646A.304 Payment for farm implements, parts, software, tools and signs upon termination of retailer agreement
§ 646A.306 Repurchase of inventory by supplier
§ 646A.308 Civil action for suppliers failure to pay
§ 646A.310 Prohibited conduct by supplier

Repurchase of Motor Vehicles

§ 646A.325 Repurchase of motor vehicle by manufacturer
§ 646A.327 Attorney fees for action under ORS 646A.325

Mailings and Deliveries

Mail Agents

§ 646A.340 Definitions for ORS 646A.340 to 646A.348
§ 646A.342 Prohibited conduct
§ 646A.344 Bond or letter of credit
§ 646A.346 Damages
§ 646A.348 Action by Attorney General

Delivery of Hazardous Materials

§ 646A.350 Delivery of unrequested hazardous substances prohibited
§ 646A.352 Penalty

Other Mailings or Deliveries

§ 646A.360 Unsolicited facsimile machine transmissions
§ 646A.362 Exclusion of name from sweepstakes promotion mailing list
§ 646A.365 Check, draft or payment instrument creating obligation for payment

Automatic Dialing and Announcing Devices

§ 646A.370 Definitions for ORS 646A.370 to 646A.374
§ 646A.372 Limits on usage of automatic dialing and announcing device
§ 646A.374 Prohibited actions
§ 646A.376 Enforcement

Warranty Regulation and Enforcement

Enforcement of Express Warranties on New Motor Vehicles

§ 646A.400 Definitions for ORS 646A.400 to 646A.418
§ 646A.402 Availability of remedy
§ 646A.404 Consumers remedies
§ 646A.405 Manufacturer action under ORS 646A.404
§ 646A.406 Presumption of reasonable attempt to conform
§ 646A.408 Use of informal dispute settlement procedure as condition for remedy

Vehicle Protection Product Warranties

§ 646A.430 Definitions for ORS 646A.430 to 646A.450
§ 646A.432 Applicability of ORS 646A.430 to 646A.450
§ 646A.434 Sale of vehicle protection product
§ 646A.436 Warrantor registration
§ 646A.438 Reimbursement insurance
§ 646A.440 Required provisions of reimbursement insurance policy

Warranties on Assistive Devices

§ 646A.460 Definitions for ORS 646A.460 to 646A.476
§ 646A.462 Express warranty
§ 646A.464 Repair of assistive device
§ 646A.466 Replacement or refund after attempt to repair
§ 646A.468 Procedures for replacement or refund
§ 646A.470 Sale or lease of returned assistive device

Vehicle Repair Shops

§ 646A.480 Definitions for ORS 646A.480 to 646A.495
§ 646A.482 Estimate required before beginning work
§ 646A.486 Prohibited actions if estimate exceeds $200
§ 646A.490 Additional prohibited actions
§ 646A.495 Owner designee

Infant Crib Safety

§ 646A.500 Legislative findings
§ 646A.502 Short title
§ 646A.504 Definitions for ORS 646A.500 to 646A.514
§ 646A.506 Prohibited conduct
§ 646A.508 Penalties
§ 646A.510 Exemptions

Childrens Products

§ 646A.525 Definitions for ORS 646A.525 to 646A.535
§ 646A.530 Prohibited sales of certain childrens products
§ 646A.535 Assistance of Attorney General in obtaining recall notices


§ 646A.550 Short title
§ 646A.555 License to engage in business activity not required for individual under 17 years of age

Mercury in Lighting Products

§ 646A.560 Legislative findings
§ 646A.562 Definitions for ORS 646A.560 to 646A.566
§ 646A.564 Standards for mercury content in electric lamps
§ 646A.566 Considerations for state agency procurement of lighting devices that contain mercury

Portable Electronics Insurance

§ 646A.575 Definitions for ORS 646A.575 to 646A.590
§ 646A.577 Limited license required
§ 646A.580 Cost of coverage
§ 646A.582 Written disclosure requirements
§ 646A.585 Exceptions to license requirement
§ 646A.588 Restrictions on modification or termination of coverage

Identity Theft Prevention

§ 646A.600 Short title
§ 646A.602 Definitions for ORS 646A.600 to 646A.628
§ 646A.604 Notice of breach of security
§ 646A.606 Security freeze
§ 646A.608 Deadline for placing security freeze
§ 646A.610 Permissible fees

Mortgage Rescue Fraud Prevention Act

Foreclosure Consultants

§ 646A.700 Short title
§ 646A.702 Definitions for ORS 646A.702 to 646A.720
§ 646A.705 Persons that are not foreclosure consultants
§ 646A.710 Foreclosure consulting contract
§ 646A.715 Cancellation
§ 646A.720 Prohibited acts of foreclosure consultant

Equity Conveyances

§ 646A.725 Definitions for ORS 646A.725 to 646A.750
§ 646A.730 Persons that are not equity purchasers
§ 646A.735 Written contract
§ 646A.740 Cancellation
§ 646A.745 Required and prohibited acts
§ 646A.750 Rebuttable presumptions


§ 646A.765 Penalties

Guaranteed Asset Protection Waivers

Temporary Provisions Relating to Guaranteed Asset Protection Waivers Are Compiled As Notes Following Ors 646 A.765


§ 646A.800 Late fees on delinquent cable service accounts
§ 646A.801 Termination of residential cable service or residential telecommunications service for certain persons
§ 646A.803 Contest and sweepstakes solicitations
§ 646A.806 Website with photographs and information about arrested persons
§ 646A.808 Obtaining personal information by false representation via electronic media
§ 646A.810 Patent infringement claim made in bad faith

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