Chapter 607  Livestock Districts; Stock Running at Large

Estray Animals; Interfering With Animals

§ 607.300 Determining adequacy of fences
§ 607.303 Owner or lessee of property taking up estray animal
§ 607.304 Delivery of estray animal to department or owner
§ 607.308 Alternative procedure for person taking up estray animal
§ 607.311 Taking up estray animal
§ 607.313 Notice to department by persons taking up estray animal
§ 607.321 Investigation by department upon receipt of notice
§ 607.328 Procedure for sale of estray animal

Regulation Of Stock On Certain Highways

§ 607.505 Stock running at large and grazing on Klamath Falls-Malin Highway
§ 607.510 Stock running at large and grazing on certain state highways
§ 607.515 Stock at large or grazing on highway from Canyonville to Umpqua National Forest
§ 607.520 Stock running at large on highways in Washington County
§ 607.527 Stock herded or grazed on interstate and defense highways


§ 607.992 Penalties