Chapter 540 Distribution of Water; Watermasters; Change in Use; Transfer or Forfeiture of Water Rights

Distribution of Water From Irrigation Ditches and Reservoirs

§ 540.210 Distribution from ditch or reservoir
§ 540.220 Payment of assistant watermaster
§ 540.230 Distribution of waste or seepage water
§ 540.240 Lien for wages and expense
§ 540.250 Lien, notice of intent to claim
§ 540.260 Lien for wages and expense

Hydraulic Works and Structures; Measuring Devices; Ditch Right of Way

§ 540.310 Ditches and canals
§ 540.320 Noncompliance with requirements
§ 540.330 Reservoirs
§ 540.340 Reservoir and diversion dam
§ 540.350 Dams, dikes and other hydraulic works
§ 540.353 Emergency action plans for dams with high hazard ratings

Changes in Use of Water; Transfer of Water Rights; Exchange

§ 540.505 Definitions
§ 540.510 Appurtenancy of water to premises
§ 540.520 Application for change of use, place of use or point of diversion
§ 540.523 Temporary transfer of water right or permit
§ 540.524 Substitution of supplemental water right from ground water source for primary water right from surface water source
§ 540.525 Installation of fish screening or by-pass device as prerequisite for transfer of point of diversion

Forfeiture of Water Rights

§ 540.610 Use as measure of water right
§ 540.612 Exemption from forfeiture
§ 540.621 Cancellation of abandoned water right upon request of owner
§ 540.631 Cancellation of forfeited water right
§ 540.641 Protest of cancellation
§ 540.650 Issuance of new water right certificate for water rights not canceled
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