Chapter 498 Hunting, Angling and Trapping Regulations; Miscellaneous Wildlife Protective Measures

General Protective Provisions

§ 498.002 Wildlife as state property
§ 498.006 Chasing or harassing wildlife prohibited
§ 498.012 Taking wildlife causing damage, posing public health risk or that is public nuisance
§ 498.014 Taking of wolves by State Department of Fish and Wildlife to address chronic depredation
§ 498.016 Taking crippled or helpless wildlife
§ 498.019 Purchase, sale or exchange of hides, antlers and other parts of deer, elk and antelope

Hunting and Trapping Restrictions

§ 498.102 Use of dogs to hunt or track game mammals or birds
§ 498.106 Competitive field trials for hunting dogs
§ 498.112 Use of live birds for competitive shooting prohibited
§ 498.120 Hunting on another’s cultivated or enclosed land
§ 498.126 Hunting or assisting others to hunt or locate game animals or birds by aircraft prohibited
§ 498.128 Use of drones for pursuit of wildlife prohibited

Angling Restrictions; Fish Protective Provisions

§ 498.208 Use of electricity or foreign substances to take game fish prohibited
§ 498.216 Angling from fishways restricted
§ 498.222 Transportation or release of fish without permit prohibited
§ 498.228 Possession of fish taken outside state restricted
§ 498.234 Protection of finfish and shellfish from introduction of disease
§ 498.242 Possession of walking catfish and piranha restricted

Angling Contests

§ 498.279 Black bass and walleye angling contests
§ 498.286 Prize limitation

Screening and by Pass Devices for Water Diversions or Obstructions

§ 498.301 Policy
§ 498.306 Screening or by-pass devices for water diversions
§ 498.316 Exemption from screening or by-pass devices
§ 498.321 Screening or by-pass standards
§ 498.326 Department guidelines for screening and by-pass projects
§ 498.336 Statutes not construed to limit ability to acquire funding for screening or by-pass devices
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