Chapter 469A Renewable Portfolio Standards


§ 469A.005 Definitions

Qualifying Electricity

§ 469A.010 Qualifying electricity
§ 469A.020 Qualifying electricity
§ 469A.025 Renewable energy sources
§ 469A.027 Certification of eligibility for certain generating facilities
§ 469A.029 Eligibility
§ 469A.031 Eligibility

Renewable Portfolio Standards

§ 469A.050 Applicable standard
§ 469A.052 Large utility renewable portfolio standard
§ 469A.055 Small electric utilities
§ 469A.060 Exemptions from compliance with renewable portfolio standard
§ 469A.062 Temporary exemption for purposes of meeting reliability standards of North American Electric Reliability Corporation
§ 469A.065 Renewable portfolio standard for electricity service suppliers

Cost Limitation

§ 469A.100 Limits on cost of compliance with renewable portfolio standard

Cost Recovery

§ 469A.120 Cost recovery by electric companies

Renewable Energy Certificates

§ 469A.130 Renewable energy certificates system
§ 469A.132 Thermal renewable energy certificates
§ 469A.135 Renewable energy certificates that may be used to comply with standards
§ 469A.140 Use, transfer and banking of certificates
§ 469A.145 Limitations on use of unbundled certificates to meet renewable portfolio standard
§ 469A.147 Exemption from limitation on use of unbundled certificates for consumer-owned utilities

Compliance Reports

§ 469A.170 Compliance reports

Alternative Compliance Payments

§ 469A.180 Electric companies
§ 469A.185 Consumer-owned utilities


§ 469A.200 Penalty

Green Power Rate

§ 469A.205 Green power rate

Community Based Renewable Energy Projects

§ 469A.210 Goal for community-based renewable energy projects

Job Impact Study

Hydrogen Power Stations

§ 469A.300 Hydrogen power stations
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