Chapter 431A Public Health Programs and Activities

Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems

§ 431A.050 Oregon Health Authority to develop comprehensive emergency medical services and trauma system
§ 431A.055 State Trauma Advisory Board
§ 431A.060 Designation of trauma areas
§ 431A.065 Oregon Health Authority to adopt rules for trauma system hospitals
§ 431A.070 Area trauma advisory boards
§ 431A.075 Liability of provider

Statewide Injury and Violence Prevention Program

§ 431A.125 Oregon Health Authority powers

Smoking Cessation and Tobacco Use Reduction

§ 431A.150 Smoking cessation program reimbursement
§ 431A.153 Tobacco Use Reduction Account
§ 431A.155 Oregon Health Authority to adopt rules for awarding grants
§ 431A.158 Oregon Health Authority to prepare report

Regulation of Tobacco and Inhalant Delivery System Sales

§ 431A.175 Definitions
§ 431A.178 Civil penalty for violation of ORS 431A.175
§ 431A.180 Procedure applicable to imposition of civil penalty
§ 431A.183 Random inspections of sellers of tobacco and inhalant delivery systems

Toxic Free Kids Act

§ 431A.250 Short title
§ 431A.253 Definitions
§ 431A.255 List of high priority chemicals of concern in children’s products
§ 431A.258 Disclosure by manufacturers
§ 431A.260 Requirement to remove or substitute high priority chemicals of concern
§ 431A.263 Process for substituting chemicals

Toxic Household Products

§ 431A.300 Definitions
§ 431A.303 Legislative findings
§ 431A.305 Aversive agent required
§ 431A.308 Toxic household products required to comply with aversive agent requirement
§ 431A.310 Limitation on liability
§ 431A.313 Poison Prevention Task Force

Lead Based Paint Activities

§ 431A.350 Lead poisoning
§ 431A.353 Definitions
§ 431A.355 Power of Oregon Health Authority to regulate lead-based paint activities
§ 431A.358 Performance of lead-based paint activities without certification prohibited
§ 431A.360 Lead poisoning prevention clearinghouse for schools
§ 431A.363 Civil penalty for violation of ORS 431A.355 or 431A.358

Automated External Defibrillators

§ 431A.450 Automated external defibrillators required at health clubs
§ 431A.455 Automated external defibrillators required at places of public assembly

Bone Marrow Donor Program

§ 431A.475 Oregon Health Authority duties

Spinal Cord Injury Research Board

§ 431A.500 Spinal Cord Injury Research Board
§ 431A.505 Duties of board
§ 431A.510 Spinal Cord Injury Research Fund

Stroke Care

§ 431A.525 Stroke Care Committee
§ 431A.530 Oregon Health Authority duties

Dense Breast Tissue

§ 431A.550 Facilities to provide notice

Breast Reconstruction Education

§ 431A.560 Educational materials about breast reconstruction

Exposure to Bodily Fluids

§ 431A.570 Significant exposure to bodily fluids

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

§ 431A.575 Oregon Health Authority to provide pamphlets

Female Genital Mutilation

§ 431A.600 Oregon Health Authority to conduct prevention and education activities

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

§ 431A.625 Oregon Health Authority to establish services and programs

Alzheimer’s Disease

§ 431A.650 Alzheimer’s Disease Research Fund
§ 431A.655 Control of fund

Maternal Mental Health

§ 431A.675 Maternal Mental Health Patient and Provider Education Program
§ 431A.680 Dissemination of informational materials
§ 431A.685 Funding

Adrenal Insufficiency

§ 431A.700 Oregon Health Authority to disseminate information

Dental Sealant Programs

§ 431A.725 Qualifying schools

State Laboratory

§ 431A.750 Examinations by state laboratory

Recombinant Dna

§ 431A.775 Definitions
§ 431A.780 Recombinant DNA research to comply with federal guidelines

Prescription Monitoring Program

§ 431A.850 Caution-flag-12 Definitions
§ 431A.855 Caution-flag-12 Establishment of program
§ 431A.860 Duty of pharmacy to report to program
§ 431A.865 Disclosure of information
§ 431A.866 Prescribing practices
§ 431A.867 Agreement for use of program information

Emergency Plan and Incident Management System

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