Chapter 419C Juvenile Code: Delinquency


§ 419C.001 Purposes of juvenile justice system in delinquency cases
§ 419C.005 Jurisdiction
§ 419C.007 Suspension or revocation of driving privileges
§ 419C.010 Extradition
§ 419C.013 Venue
§ 419C.020 Notice to parents or guardian of youth


§ 419C.050 Transfer to juvenile court from another court
§ 419C.053 Transfer to court of county of youth’s residence
§ 419C.056 Transfer of jurisdiction by court in county of youth’s residence
§ 419C.058 Transfer of jurisdiction to tribal court
§ 419C.059 Facilitation of disposition
§ 419C.065 Transportation of youth whose case is transferred


§ 419C.091 Custody not arrest
§ 419C.080 Custody
§ 419C.085 Citation in lieu of custody
§ 419C.088 Custody by private person
§ 419C.094 Jurisdiction attaches at time youth taken into custody
§ 419C.097 Notice to parents, victim


§ 419C.125 Detention in place where adults are detained of certain persons alleged to be within court’s jurisdiction
§ 419C.130 Youth or youth offender may not be detained where adults are detained
§ 419C.133 Detention of youth under 12 years of age
§ 419C.136 Temporary hold to develop release plan
§ 419C.139 Speedy hearing on detention cases
§ 419C.142 Notice of detention hearing

Shelter Hearings

§ 419C.176 Conditional release by court
§ 419C.179 Release security provisions not applicable
§ 419C.170 Time limitations on shelter care
§ 419C.173 Evidentiary hearing

Court Appointed Counsel

§ 419C.200 Court-appointed counsel for youth
§ 419C.203 Payment for compensation of counsel
§ 419C.206 Compensation for counsel when youth, parent or guardian cannot pay
§ 419C.209 Applicability of other laws

Educational Surrogate

§ 419C.220 Appointment of surrogate
§ 419C.223 Duties and tenure

Authorized Diversion Programs

§ 419C.225 Authorized diversion programs
§ 419C.226 Youth courts

Formal Accountability Agreements

§ 419C.230 Formal accountability agreements
§ 419C.233 Nature of agreement
§ 419C.236 Agreement may require counseling, community service, education, treatment or training
§ 419C.237 Agreement may require mental health evaluation
§ 419C.239 Requirements of agreement
§ 419C.242 Revocation and modification of agreement


§ 419C.250 Who may file petition
§ 419C.255 Facts to be pleaded
§ 419C.258 Service
§ 419C.261 Amendment and dismissal of petition

Criminal Procedure Laws

§ 419C.270 Application of criminal procedure laws
§ 419C.273 Right of victim to be present at proceedings
§ 419C.274 Notification of victim regarding waiver hearing or second look hearing
§ 419C.276 Disclosure of personal identifiers of victim or witness


§ 419C.280 Consolidation


§ 419C.285 Parties to delinquency proceeding


§ 419C.315 Travel expenses of party summoned
§ 419C.317 Compliance with summons
§ 419C.320 When arrest warrant for summoned person authorized
§ 419C.323 Proceeding when summoned party not before court
§ 419C.300 Time limits on issuance of summons
§ 419C.303 Form of summons


§ 419C.340 Authority to waive youth to adult court
§ 419C.358 Consolidation of nonwaivable and waivable charges
§ 419C.343 Depositions
§ 419C.346 Juvenile court’s retention of authority over parent
§ 419C.349 Grounds for waiving youth to adult court
§ 419C.352 Grounds for waiving youth under 15 years of age

Fitness to Proceed

§ 419C.390 Order
§ 419C.378 Motion for finding that youth is unfit to proceed
§ 419C.380 Evaluation
§ 419C.382 Duties of Oregon Health Authority
§ 419C.386 Filing of report
§ 419C.388 Objection to report


§ 419C.400 Conduct of hearings
§ 419C.405 Witnesses
§ 419C.408 Witness fees
§ 419C.411 Disposition order
§ 419C.420 Adjudication without hearing


§ 419C.498 Disposition under compact, agreement or arrangement with another state
§ 419C.440 When court has duties and authority of guardian
§ 419C.441 Mental health evaluation, care and treatment
§ 419C.446 Probation
§ 419C.449 Supervision fee
§ 419C.450 Restitution

Qualifying Mental Disorder

§ 419C.520 Definitions
§ 419C.522 Qualifying mental disorder as affirmative defense
§ 419C.524 Notice and filing report prerequisite to defense
§ 419C.527 Procedure for state to obtain mental examination of youth
§ 419C.529 Finding of serious mental condition
§ 419C.530 Continuing jurisdiction of Psychiatric Security Review Board after placement

Legal Custodian of Youth or Youth Offender

§ 419C.550 Duties and authority


§ 419C.555 Authority to appoint guardian
§ 419C.558 Duties and authority of guardian
§ 419C.561 Limitation of guardianship granted by juvenile court

Authority of Court Over Parent or Guardian

§ 419C.570 Parent or guardian summoned subject to jurisdiction of court
§ 419C.573 Court may order education or counseling
§ 419C.575 Court may order drug or alcohol treatment


§ 419C.590 Authority of court to order support
§ 419C.592 Support order is judgment and final
§ 419C.595 Support for youth offender in state financed or supported residence
§ 419C.597 Assignment of support obligation to state
§ 419C.600 Enforcement

Modification of Orders

§ 419C.610 Authority to modify or set aside orders
§ 419C.613 Notice of modification
§ 419C.615 Grounds for setting aside order
§ 419C.616 Effect of prior proceeding on petition under ORS 419C.615
§ 419C.617 Time limitation for certain adults seeking relief under ORS 419C.615

Reports by Agency Having Guardianship or Legal Custody

§ 419C.620 Circumstances requiring report
§ 419C.623 Frequency and content of report
§ 419C.626 Review hearing by court
§ 419C.629 Distribution of report by court

Dispositional Review Hearings

§ 419C.653 Notice


§ 419C.680 Curfew
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