Chapter 419A  Juvenile Code: General Provisions and Definitions

General Provisions

§ 419A.004 Caution-flag-12 Definitions

County Juvenile Department

§ 419A.010 Appointment of counselors and director
§ 419A.012 Duties of director or counselor
§ 419A.014 Reports by juvenile department
§ 419A.015 Reports to school administrators concerning youth offenders on probation
§ 419A.016 Powers of director or counselor
§ 419A.018 Juvenile department is county agency
§ 419A.020 County responsibility for expenses of juvenile department
§ 419A.022 Responsibility of counties over 400,000 population

Court Services

§ 419A.045 Policy and purpose
§ 419A.046 Definition for ORS 419A.046 and 419A.048
§ 419A.048 Court to comply with fiscal reporting procedures

Detention And Shelter Facilities

§ 419A.050 Authority to acquire, equip and maintain detention and shelter facilities
§ 419A.052 Specifications of facilities
§ 419A.055 Examination of facilities
§ 419A.057 Payment of maintenance expenses
§ 419A.059 Designation of detention and shelter facilities
§ 419A.061 Inspection of detention facilities
§ 419A.063 Requirements for detention facilities

Local Citizen Review Boards

§ 419A.090 Local citizen review boards
§ 419A.092 Membership
§ 419A.094 Additional boards
§ 419A.096 Duties of Judicial Department in administering boards
§ 419A.098 Rules
§ 419A.100 Confidentiality of information
§ 419A.102 Access to confidential information by boards
§ 419A.104 Report on children and wards in substitute care

Juvenile Court Referees

§ 419A.150 Appointment


§ 419A.180 Power of court to enforce orders by contempt order