Chapter 31 Tort Actions

Special Motion to Strike

§ 31.150 Special motion to strike
§ 31.152 Time for filing special motion to strike
§ 31.155 Exempt actions

Defenses Generally

§ 31.180 Certain felonious conduct of plaintiff complete defense in tort actions

Rules Governing Particular Claims for Relief


§ 31.200 Liability of radio or television station personnel for defamation
§ 31.205 Damages recoverable for defamation by radio, television, motion pictures, newspaper or printed periodical
§ 31.210 When general damages allowed
§ 31.215 Publication of correction or retraction upon demand
§ 31.220 Effect of publication of correction or retraction prior to demand
§ 31.225 Publishers defenses and privileges not affected

Wrongful Use of Civil Proceeding

§ 31.230 Wrongful use of civil proceeding

Actions Against Health Practitioners and Health Care Facilities

§ 31.250 Mandatory dispute resolution for certain actions against health practitioners and health care facilities

Resolution of Adverse Health Care Incidents

Temporary Provisions Relating to Resolution of Adverse Health Care Incidents Are Compiled As Notes Following Ors 31.250

Actions Against Design Professionals

§ 31.300 Pleading requirements for actions against design professionals

Actions Against Real Estate Licensees

§ 31.350 Pleading requirements for actions against real estate licensees

Actions Arising From Injuries Caused by Dogs

§ 31.360 Proof required for claim of economic damages in action arising from injury caused by dog

Advance Payments

§ 31.550 Advance payment defined
§ 31.555 Effect of advance payment
§ 31.560 Advance payment for death or personal injury not admission of liability
§ 31.565 Advance payment for property damage not admission of liability

Collateral Benefits

§ 31.580 Effect of collateral benefits

Comparative Negligence

§ 31.600 Contributory negligence not bar to recovery
§ 31.605 Special questions to trier of fact
§ 31.610 Liability of defendants several only
§ 31.615 Setoff of damages not allowed
§ 31.620 Doctrines of last clear chance and implied assumption of risk abolished


Economic Damages

§ 31.700 Right to include medical expenses paid by parent or conservator in action to recover for damages to child

Verdict Form

§ 31.705 Economic and noneconomic damages separately set forth in verdict

Noneconomic Damages

§ 31.710 Noneconomic damages
§ 31.715 Limitation on recovery of noneconomic damages arising out of operation of motor vehicle

Punitive Damages

§ 31.725 Pleading punitive damages
§ 31.730 Standards for award of punitive damages
§ 31.735 Distribution of punitive damages
§ 31.740 When award of punitive damages against health practitioner prohibited

Mitigation of Damages

§ 31.760 Evidence of nonuse of safety belt or harness to mitigate damages


§ 31.800 Right of contribution among joint tortfeasors
§ 31.805 Basis for proportional shares of tortfeasors
§ 31.810 Enforcement of right of contribution
§ 31.815 Covenant not to sue
§ 31.820 Severability

Assignment of Cause of Action Against Insurer

§ 31.825 Assignment of cause of action against insurer

Abolished Common Law Actions

§ 31.980 Action for alienation of affections abolished
§ 31.982 Action for criminal conversation abolished

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