Chapter 285C Economic Development Iii

Enterprise Zones

§ 285C.045 Short title
§ 285C.050 Definitions for ORS 285C.050 to 285C.250
§ 285C.055 Legislative purpose
§ 285C.060 Duties of Oregon Business Development Department
§ 285C.065 Designation of enterprise zone
§ 285C.066 Department may adopt certain rules

Reservation Enterprise Zones; Reservation Partnership Zones

§ 285C.300 Definitions for ORS 285C.300 to 285C.320
§ 285C.303 Legislative findings
§ 285C.306 Reservation enterprise zones and reservation partnership zones
§ 285C.320 Status of reservation enterprise zone and reservation partnership zone

Rural Renewable Energy

Development Zones

§ 285C.350 Definitions for ORS 285C.350 to 285C.370
§ 285C.353 Designation of rural renewable energy development zones
§ 285C.356 Application for authorization
§ 285C.359 Qualified property
§ 285C.362 Exemption
§ 285C.365 Application of enterprise zone laws

Long Term Tax Incentives for Rural Enterprise Zones

§ 285C.400 Definitions for ORS 285C.400 to 285C.420
§ 285C.403 Certification of business firm
§ 285C.406 Claiming property tax exemption or income tax credit
§ 285C.409 Property tax exemption
§ 285C.412 Conditions for continued exemption
§ 285C.415 Notice to county assessor

Business Development Income Tax Exemption

§ 285C.495 Short title
§ 285C.500 Definitions for ORS 285C.500 to 285C.506
§ 285C.503 Preliminary certification of facility
§ 285C.506 Annual certification of facility

Renewable Energy Resource Equipment Manufacturing Facilities

§ 285C.540 Definitions for ORS 285C.540 to 285C.559
§ 285C.543 Rules
§ 285C.545 Annual limit to cost of facility in granting tax credits
§ 285C.547 Application for preliminary certification
§ 285C.549 Transferability of facility tax credit
§ 285C.551 Submission of plans, specifications and contract terms

Strategic Investment Program

§ 285C.600 Definitions for ORS 285C.600 to 285C.635
§ 285C.603 Legislative purpose
§ 285C.606 Determination of projects for tax exemption
§ 285C.609 Request by county
§ 285C.612 Eligible project application fees
§ 285C.615 Annual participant reports

Oregon Low Income Community Jobs Initiative

§ 285C.650 Certification as qualified equity investment
§ 285C.653 Tax credit utilization limit per tax year
§ 285C.656 Recapture of tax credit
§ 285C.659 Report
Legislative Counsel Committee, CHAPTER 285C—Economic Development Iii, https://­www.­oregonlegislature.­gov/­bills_laws/­ors/­ors285C.­html (2017) (last ac­cessed Mar. 30, 2018).