Chapter 285B  Economic Development II

Business Development Projects

§ 285B.050 Definitions for ORS 285B.050 to 285B.098
§ 285B.053 Borrowing money from Oregon Business Development Fund
§ 285B.056 Fees
§ 285B.059 Conditions for commission approval of project
§ 285B.062 Loan contract
§ 285B.065 Loans in distressed areas exempt from security and collateral requirements
§ 285B.068 Payment of moneys for project
§ 285B.080 Director as agent

Capital Access Program

§ 285B.109 Definitions for ORS 285B.109 to 285B.119
§ 285B.111 Purpose of ORS 285B.109 to 285B.119
§ 285B.113 Contracts with financial institutions to participate in program
§ 285B.115 Loss reserve accounts
§ 285B.117 Enrollment of qualified loan in program
§ 285B.118 Claims for reimbursement of losses
§ 285B.119 Capital Access Fund

Small Business Development


§ 285B.120 Oregon Small Business Development Act
§ 285B.123 Purpose

(Small Business Development Centers)

§ 285B.165 Purpose of ORS 285B.165 to 285B.171
§ 285B.168 Grants
§ 285B.171 Short title


§ 285B.174 Programs to assist businesses in procuring government contracts and grants

Microenterprise Development

§ 285B.178 Definitions for Microenterprise Development Act
§ 285B.179 Purposes of Microenterprise Development Act
§ 285B.186 Short title

Credit Enhancement Fund

§ 285B.200 Caution-flag-12 Definitions for ORS 285B.200 to 285B.218
§ 285B.203 Purpose of Credit Enhancement Fund
§ 285B.206 Duties of department
§ 285B.209 Fees and terms for loan and credit guarantees
§ 285B.215 Credit Enhancement Fund
§ 285B.218 Pledge to assure repayment

Local Economic Development

§ 285B.230 Local economic development strategy
§ 285B.233 Legislative findings
§ 285B.236 Guidelines for local economic development strategies
§ 285B.260 Local Economic Opportunity Fund
§ 285B.266 Strategic Reserve Fund

Industry Development Projects

§ 285B.280 Definition of traded sector
§ 285B.283 Policy
§ 285B.286 Entrepreneurial and industry development activities
§ 285B.290 Industry Competitiveness Fund

State Revenue Bonds For Industrial, Commercial, Solid Waste Disposal, Research And Development Uses

§ 285B.320 Purpose of ORS 285B.320 to 285B.371
§ 285B.323 Definitions for ORS 285B.320 to 285B.371
§ 285B.326 Request for issuance of bonds
§ 285B.329 Review of project by commission
§ 285B.335 Powers of department
§ 285B.338 Powers of commission
§ 285B.341 Limitation on state power
§ 285B.344 Issuance of bonds

Infrastructure Projects


§ 285B.410 Definitions for ORS 285B.410 to 285B.482
§ 285B.413 Legislative findings
§ 285B.419 Administration of Special Public Works Fund

(Levee Project Assistance)

§ 285B.420 Financial assistance for levee projects

(Municipal Development Projects)

§ 285B.422 Funding to municipalities for development projects

(Assistance From Special Public Works Fund)

§ 285B.428 Application for funds
§ 285B.437 Contract with municipality
§ 285B.440 Primary use of moneys in fund
§ 285B.449 Effect of failure to comply or default
§ 285B.455 Special Public Works Fund
§ 285B.456 Levee Project Subaccount
§ 285B.458 Grants for assistance to distressed or rural areas
§ 285B.460 Funding and assistance for planning projects

(Revenue Bond Financing)

§ 285B.467 Eligibility for revenue bond financing
§ 285B.470 Powers of authority
§ 285B.473 Issuance of revenue bonds
§ 285B.476 Application of law to revenue bonds
§ 285B.479 Nature of revenue bonds
§ 285B.482 Revenue bonds as parity bonds

Infrastructure Projects For Southern Oregon

§ 285B.500 Purpose of ORS 285B.500 to 285B.512
§ 285B.503 Oregon Unified International Trade Fund
§ 285B.506 Grant agreements
§ 285B.509 Agreements between primary sponsor and United States
§ 285B.512 End of lottery allocations upon certification by administrator of authority
§ 285B.515 Primary sponsor and project sponsor defined

Lottery Bonds For Infrastructure Projects

§ 285B.530 Definitions for ORS 285B.530 to 285B.548
§ 285B.533 Issuance of infrastructure lottery bonds
§ 285B.548 Amount of infrastructure lottery bonds
§ 285B.551 Issuance of additional lottery bonds

(Temporary Provisions Relating To Issuance Of Lottery Bonds For Miscellaneous Projects Are Compiled As Notes Following Ors 285 B.551)

Safe Drinking Water Projects


§ 285B.560 Definitions for ORS 285B.560 to 285B.599
§ 285B.563 Water Fund
§ 285B.566 Use of receipts
§ 285B.569 When constitutional restrictions apply to use of certain funds

(Revenue Bond Financing Of Safe Drinking Water Projects)

§ 285B.572 Eligibility of project for revenue bond financing
§ 285B.575 Issuance of revenue bonds
§ 285B.578 Nature of revenue bonds
§ 285B.581 Repayment plans
§ 285B.584 Powers of authority
§ 285B.587 Deposit and use of bond proceeds
§ 285B.590 Other forms of financial assistance
§ 285B.593 Technical assistance grants and loans

Oregon Business Retention And Expansion Program

§ 285B.600 Definitions for ORS 285B.600 to 285B.620
§ 285B.602 Rules
§ 285B.605 Certification of eligible employers
§ 285B.608 Application for certification
§ 285B.610 Revocation of certificate
§ 285B.615 Oregon Business Retention and Expansion Program
§ 285B.618 Department estimate of program tax revenues

285 B.620 Oregon Business Retention And Expansion Program Fund; Sources; Uses

§ 285B.622 Transfer of moneys from Strategic Reserve Fund

Oregon Industrial Site Readiness Program

§ 285B.625 Legislative findings
§ 285B.626 Definitions for ORS 285B.625 to 285B.632
§ 285B.627 Oregon Industrial Site Readiness Program
§ 285B.630 Report required
§ 285B.632 Oregon Industrial Site Readiness Program Fund

Oregon Industrial Site Readiness Assessment Program

§ 285B.635 Legislative findings
§ 285B.636 Definitions for ORS 285B.635 to 285B.640
§ 285B.637 Oregon Industrial Site Readiness Assessment Program
§ 285B.640 Oregon Industrial Site Readiness Assessment Program Fund
§ 285B.642 Findings in furtherance of economic development

Entrepreneurial Development

§ 285B.740 Legislative intent
§ 285B.743 Application for entrepreneurial development loan
§ 285B.746 Conditions required for loan approval
§ 285B.749 Additional conditions for loan approval
§ 285B.758 Oregon Entrepreneurial Development Loan Fund

Note: 285 A.010 Contains Definitions For Ors Chapter 285 B.