Chapter 285A Economic Development I

General Provisions

§ 285A.010 Definitions for ORS 284.101 to 284.148 and ORS chapters 285A, 285B and 285C
§ 285A.020 Legislative findings


§ 285A.040 Oregon Business Development Commission
§ 285A.045 Duties and functions of commission
§ 285A.050 Biennial report
§ 285A.055 Prerequisites for certain commission actions
§ 285A.060 Advisory and technical committees
§ 285A.070 Oregon Business Development Department

Pacific Northwest Economic Region Compact

§ 285A.240 Legislative findings
§ 285A.243 Compact

Title I Bank Fund

§ 285A.300 Definition for ORS 285A.300 to 285A.312
§ 285A.303 Findings
§ 285A.306 Title I Bank Fund
§ 285A.309 Use of funds
§ 285A.312 Application of federal statutes

Foreign Trade Zones

§ 285A.325 Foreign trade zones
§ 285A.328 Specific corporation authorized to maintain foreign trade zone

Assistance to Small Businesses

§ 285A.340 Legislative findings
§ 285A.346 Purchases of assistance services for small businesses
§ 285A.349 Evaluation of effectiveness of assistance

Beginning and Expanding Farmer Loan Program

§ 285A.420 Legislative findings
§ 285A.422 Definitions for ORS 285A.420 to 285A.435
§ 285A.425 Beginning and Expanding Farmer Loan Program
§ 285A.430 Revenue bonds to finance agricultural projects
§ 285A.433 Authority of Oregon Business Development Department
§ 285A.435 Beginning and Expanding Farmer Loan Program Fund

Economic Dislocations

§ 285A.510 Definitions for ORS 285A.510 to 285A.522
§ 285A.513 Policy
§ 285A.516 Agency to receive notice of plant closing or layoff
§ 285A.519 Notice to employers of agency that receives closing or layoff notice
§ 285A.522 Annual report of plant closings and layoffs


§ 285A.600 Policy
§ 285A.603 “Port” defined for ORS 285A.603 to 285A.627
§ 285A.615 Provision of managerial assistance and technical services
§ 285A.627 Authority as coordinating entity for port activities
§ 285A.654 Port Planning and Marketing Fund
§ 285A.657 Grants
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