Chapter 276 Public Facilities

State Buildings and Grounds

§ 276.080 One percent of moneys for construction or alteration of state buildings to be used for acquisition of art works
§ 276.098 Standards for development of state buildings and grounds
§ 276.002 Control of State Capitol
§ 276.003 State Capitol Operating Account
§ 276.004 Utilization of buildings and grounds other than State Capitol, Supreme Court Building and State Capitol State Park
§ 276.005 Capital Projects Fund

Executive Residence

§ 276.102 Acceptance of donations for state executive residence
§ 276.106 Use of Oregon products

Acquisition of State Office Buildings With State Trust Funds

§ 276.137 Title to buildings
§ 276.110 Definitions for ORS 276.009, 276.013, 276.015 and 276.110 to 276.137
§ 276.112 Authority to repay certain loans and to manage Salem office buildings
§ 276.118 Policy concerning location and manner of construction of buildings
§ 276.120 Building and site as investment of investing fund
§ 276.122 Assistance, grants, donations or gifts from United States and others

Transfer of Vacant Facilities to

Oregon Department of Administrative Services

§ 276.180 Transfer of certain buildings, grounds and facilities when vacated

Services and Facilities for State Buildings

§ 276.210 Definition for ORS 276.210 to 276.228
§ 276.212 Department may establish and operate heat, light, communication and power systems
§ 276.214 Acquiring land, buildings and structures
§ 276.216 Erecting and constructing buildings and structures
§ 276.218 Acquiring machines and equipment
§ 276.220 Payment of cost of real and personal property

Assignment, Leasing and Rental of State Buildings and Other Office Quarters

§ 276.385 Rentals for buildings other than State Capitol or Supreme Court Building
§ 276.390 Submission of rent schedule to Emergency Board or Joint Interim Committee on Ways and Means
§ 276.410 Assignment of quarters to officers and state agencies
§ 276.412 Payment of rent by state agencies
§ 276.420 “Office quarters” defined
§ 276.424 Joint leases

Employment Department Office Building

§ 276.575 Computation of rent schedules
§ 276.580 Additional payment by occupants for maintenance and service charges
§ 276.585 Assignment of excess space
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