Chapter 260 Campaign Finance Regulation; Election Offenses

Election Campaign Finance Regulation

§ 260.005 Definitions
§ 260.007 Exclusions from definitions of contribution and expenditure

Treasurers, Statements of Organization and Accounts

§ 260.035 Treasurer and statement of organization for political committees and candidates
§ 260.037 Liability of candidate for default or violation of treasurer obligations
§ 260.038 Treasurer of more than one candidate or committee
§ 260.039 Content of statement of organization of candidate or principal campaign committee
§ 260.041 Principal campaign committee
§ 260.042 Content of statement of organization of political committee

Statements of Contributions and Expenditures

§ 260.057 Electronic campaign finance filing system
§ 260.064 In-kind contribution from candidate, political committee or petition committee
§ 260.076 Statements of contributions received during session of Legislative Assembly
§ 260.078 Reporting contributions and expenditures not previously reported
§ 260.083 Contents of statements
§ 260.085 Listing of occupation of contributor

Administration and Enforcement

§ 260.200 Secretary of State rules for accounts, forms, material to be retained and material not subject to disclosure
§ 260.205 Inspection of statements
§ 260.215 Periodic examination and investigation of statements
§ 260.218 Subpoena authority
§ 260.225 Court proceedings to compel filing of correct statements
§ 260.232 Civil penalty for failure to file statement or to include required information

Election Offenses

Administration and Enforcement

§ 260.315 Distribution of copies of law
§ 260.345 Complaints or other information regarding violations
§ 260.351 Court proceedings for election law violations, generally
§ 260.355 Deprivation of nomination or office for deliberate and material election violation
§ 260.365 Election or appointment after deprivation of nomination or office for violation
§ 260.368 Investigations of violations of prohibition on payment based on number of signatures obtained on petition

Particular Offenses

§ 260.402 Contributions in false name
§ 260.407 Use of contributed amounts for certain purposes
§ 260.409 Expenditures for professional services rendered by candidate
§ 260.422 Acceptance of employment where compensation to be contributed
§ 260.432 Solicitation of public employees
§ 260.532 False publication relating to candidate or measure


§ 260.993 Criminal penalties
§ 260.995 Civil penalties

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