Chapter 249 Candidates; Recall Elections

General Provisions

§ 249.002 Definitions
§ 249.004 Verification of documents
§ 249.005 Acceptance of petition or minutes without original signatures
§ 249.006 Official dating of petitions and declarations
§ 249.008 Verification of signatures by county clerk or Secretary of State
§ 249.009 Exclusive form of signature sheets for petitions

Major Political Party Nominations and Nominations to Nonpartisan Office

§ 249.016 Nomination of candidates of major political party or for nonpartisan office
§ 249.020 Filing of candidates’ nominating petition or declaration of candidacy
§ 249.023 Nomination of major political party candidates who attain age of 18 years after deadline for filing nominating petition or declaration of candidacy
§ 249.031 Caution-flag-12 Contents of petition or declaration
§ 249.035 Caution-flag-12 Filing officer
§ 249.037 Caution-flag-12 Time for filing petition or declaration
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