Chapter 238A  Oregon Public Service Retirement Plan

General Provisions

§ 238A.005 Caution-flag-12 Definitions
§ 238A.010 Computation of hours of service

Oregon Public Service Retirement Plan

§ 238A.025 Oregon Public Service Retirement Plan established
§ 238A.030 Information technology system


§ 238A.050 Oregon Public Service Retirement Plan part of Public Employees Retirement System

Participation By Public Employers

§ 238A.070 Participation generally

Pension Program


§ 238A.100 Establishing membership under pension program
§ 238A.110 Termination of membership


§ 238A.115 Vesting
§ 238A.117 Vesting of member killed in course and scope of employment


§ 238A.120 Withdrawal from pension program by vested inactive member

(Computation Of Benefit)

§ 238A.125 Caution-flag-12 Amount of pension
§ 238A.130 Final average salary

(Retirement Credit)

§ 238A.140 Accrual of retirement credit
§ 238A.142 Accrual by academic employees of community college
§ 238A.145 Loss of retirement credit
§ 238A.150 Caution-flag-12 Retirement credit for service in uniformed services
§ 238A.155 Retirement credit for periods of disability


§ 238A.160 Normal retirement age
§ 238A.165 Earliest retirement age
§ 238A.170 Caution-flag-12 Latest retirement date


§ 238A.180 Normal retirement benefit
§ 238A.185 Early retirement
§ 238A.190 Survivorship benefits
§ 238A.195 Cash out of small benefits
§ 238A.200 Actuarial equivalency factor tables

(Cost Of Living Adjustment)

§ 238A.210 Cost-of-living adjustment

(Employer Contributions)

§ 238A.220 Employer contributions

(Death Benefit)

§ 238A.230 Caution-flag-12 Death benefit

(Disability Benefit)

§ 238A.235 Disability benefit
§ 238A.240 Funding of disability benefit

(Reemployment Of Retired Members)

§ 238A.245 Reemployment after commencement of pension benefits
§ 238A.250 Option of legislators to receive certain benefits

Individual Account Program


§ 238A.300 Establishing membership under individual account program
§ 238A.305 Persons establishing membership in system before August 29, 2003
§ 238A.310 Termination of membership


§ 238A.320 Vesting

(Employee Contributions)

§ 238A.330 Employee contributions
§ 238A.335 Employer payment of employee contribution

(Employer Contributions)

§ 238A.340 Employer contributions

(Individual Accounts)

§ 238A.350 Individual accounts established

(Rollover Contributions)

§ 238A.360 Rollover contributions

(Limitation On Contributions)

§ 238A.370 Caution-flag-12 Limitation on contributions

(Withdrawal By Inactive Member)

§ 238A.375 Distribution of accounts to inactive member

(Defined Contribution Benefit)

§ 238A.400 Caution-flag-12 Payment of accounts at retirement
§ 238A.410 Caution-flag-12 Death benefits
§ 238A.415 Caution-flag-12 Credit for service in uniformed services

Direct Rollovers

§ 238A.430 Caution-flag-12 Direct rollovers
§ 238A.435 Distribution of death benefit as rollover distribution


§ 238A.450 Rules for Oregon Public Service Retirement Plan

Changes To Oregon Public Service Retirement Plan

§ 238A.460 Limitation on powers of board, director and staff
§ 238A.465 Legislative intent relating to increased benefits
§ 238A.470 Contract rights under Oregon Public Service Retirement Plan
§ 238A.475 Application of legislative changes to legislators