Chapter 222  City Boundary Changes; Mergers; Consolidations; Withdrawals

General Provisions

§ 222.005 Notice to public utilities of annexation
§ 222.010 Report of city boundary changes
§ 222.030 Assessor to furnish statement of assessed valuation of property in territory to be annexed
§ 222.040 Delay of effective date of actions under this chapter because of election
§ 222.045 Effect of split, consolidation or merger of two or more cities on unfunded PERS liability or surplus
§ 222.050 Certain consolidations and mergers

Annexation Of Contiguous Territory

(Temporary Provisions Relating To Annexation Of Certain Industrial Lands Are Compiled As Notes Preceding Ors 222.111)

§ 222.111 Authority and procedure for annexation
§ 222.115 Annexation contracts
§ 222.118 Provision of city services to airport without requiring annexation
§ 222.120 Procedure for annexation without election
§ 222.125 Annexation by consent of all owners of land and majority of electors
§ 222.130 Annexation election
§ 222.150 Election results
§ 222.160 Procedure when annexation is submitted to city vote

Consolidation Of Adjoining And Nonadjoining Territories

(Temporary Provisions Relating To Consolidation Of Certain Industrial Lands Are Compiled As Notes Preceding Ors 222.210)

§ 222.210 Authority to consolidate adjoining and nonadjoining cities or territories
§ 222.220 Initiation of proceedings
§ 222.225 Economic feasibility statement required
§ 222.230 Form and contents of petition
§ 222.240 Approval of petition
§ 222.250 Joint convention of governing bodies
§ 222.260 Ordinance calling election
§ 222.265 Conduct of election

Withdrawal Of Territory

§ 222.460 Procedures for withdrawal of territory
§ 222.465 Effective date of withdrawal from domestic water supply district, water control district or sanitary district

(Temporary Provisions Relating To Withdrawal Of Tracts From City Of Damascus Are Compiled As Notes Following Ors 222.465)

Annexation Of Public Service Districts

§ 222.510 Annexation of entire district
§ 222.520 Annexation of less than entire district
§ 222.524 Procedure for withdrawal of part of district from district
§ 222.528 Territory withdrawn from district not liable for certain obligations
§ 222.530 Procedure for division of assets on withdrawal of part of district
§ 222.540 Procedure for division of installations on withdrawal of part of water district
§ 222.550 Withdrawal of greater portion of water district
§ 222.560 Procedure for division of installations on withdrawal of part of sanitary district

Merger Of Cities; Annexation Of Territory Surrounded By City

§ 222.610 Surrender of city charter and merger into adjoining city
§ 222.620 Submission of merger issue to electors of city surrendering charter
§ 222.650 Submission of merger issue to electors of city retaining charter
§ 222.680 Effective date of merger
§ 222.690 Effect of merger on rights, liabilities and jurisdiction of the merged cities
§ 222.700 Effect of merger on pending actions and proceedings
§ 222.710 Return statements filed with county recording officer
§ 222.750 Annexation of unincorporated territory surrounded by city

Health Hazard Abatement

§ 222.840 Short title
§ 222.850 Definitions for ORS 222.840 to 222.915
§ 222.855 Annexation to remove danger to public health
§ 222.860 Proposal for annexation
§ 222.870 Hearing in affected territory
§ 222.875 Purpose and conduct of hearing
§ 222.880 Oregon Health Authority order or finding
§ 222.883 Stay of proceedings by Oregon Health Authority


§ 222.990 Penalties