Chapter 222 City Boundary Changes; Mergers; Consolidations; Withdrawals

General Provisions

§ 222.005 Notice to public utilities of annexation
§ 222.010 Report of city boundary changes
§ 222.030 Assessor to furnish statement of assessed valuation of property in territory to be annexed
§ 222.040 Delay of effective date of actions under this chapter because of election
§ 222.045 Written agreement required regarding unfunded PERS liability or surplus when cities split, consolidate or merge
§ 222.050 Certain consolidations and mergers

Annexation of Contiguous Territory

§ 222.111 Authority and procedure for annexation
§ 222.115 Annexation contracts
§ 222.118 Provision of city services to airport without requiring annexation
§ 222.120 Procedure for annexation without election
§ 222.125 Annexation by consent of all owners of land and majority of electors
§ 222.127 Annexation without election notwithstanding contrary city law upon petition of all owners of land

Consolidation of Adjoining and Nonadjoining Territories

§ 222.210 Authority to consolidate adjoining and nonadjoining cities or territories
§ 222.220 Initiation of proceedings
§ 222.225 Economic feasibility statement required
§ 222.230 Form and contents of petition
§ 222.240 Approval of petition
§ 222.250 Joint convention of governing bodies

Withdrawal of Territory

§ 222.460 Procedures for withdrawal of territory
§ 222.465 Effective date of withdrawal from domestic water supply district, water control district or sanitary district

Annexation of Public Service Districts

§ 222.510 Annexation of entire district
§ 222.520 Annexation of less than entire district
§ 222.524 Procedure for withdrawal of part of district from district
§ 222.528 Territory withdrawn from district not liable for certain obligations
§ 222.530 Procedure for division of assets on withdrawal of part of district
§ 222.540 Procedure for division of installations on withdrawal of part of water district

Merger of Cities; Annexation of Territory Surrounded by City

§ 222.610 Surrender of city charter and merger into adjoining city
§ 222.620 Submission of merger to electors of city surrendering charter
§ 222.650 Submission of merger to electors of city retaining charter
§ 222.680 Effective date of merger
§ 222.690 Effect of merger on rights, liabilities and jurisdiction of the merged cities
§ 222.700 Effect of merger on pending actions and proceedings

Health Hazard Abatement

§ 222.840 Short title
§ 222.850 Definitions for ORS 222.840 to 222.915
§ 222.855 Annexation to remove danger to public health
§ 222.860 Proposal for annexation
§ 222.870 Hearing in affected territory
§ 222.875 Purpose and conduct of hearing


§ 222.990 Penalties
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