Chapter 20  Attorney Fees; Costs and Disbursements

Attorney Fees; Expert Witness Fees

§ 20.075 Factors to be considered by court in awarding attorney fees
§ 20.077 Determination of prevailing party
§ 20.080 Attorney fees for certain small tort claims
§ 20.082 Attorney fees for small contract claims
§ 20.083 Award of attorney fees under void contract, under unenforceable contract or to person who is not party to contract
§ 20.085 Costs and attorney fees in inverse condemnation proceedings
§ 20.094 Attorney fees in actions or suits in which discharge in bankruptcy asserted
§ 20.096 Reciprocity of attorney fees and costs in proceedings to enforce contract

Other Costs

§ 20.115 Service expenses recoverable as costs and disbursements
§ 20.120 Costs on review of decision of officer, tribunal, or court of inferior jurisdiction
§ 20.125 Assessment of costs and attorney fees against attorney causing mistrial
§ 20.130 Proceeding to which state or public corporation is party
§ 20.140 State and certain public corporations not required to advance costs
§ 20.150 Recovery of costs and disbursements when party represented by another
§ 20.180 Effect of tender as to costs

Prevailing Party Fees

§ 20.190 Prevailing party fees