Chapter 181A State Police; Crime Reporting and Records; Public Safety Standards and Training; Private Security Services

State Police

§ 181A.010 Definitions for ORS 181A.010 to 181A.350
§ 181A.015 Department of State Police established
§ 181A.020 State Police Account
§ 181A.025 Petty cash account
§ 181A.030 Superintendent of State Police
§ 181A.035 Appointment of Deputy Superintendent of State Police

Crime Reporting

§ 181A.160 Fingerprints, identifying data, disposition report required upon arrest
§ 181A.165 Crimes for which criminal offender information is required
§ 181A.170 Electronic fingerprint capture technology required
§ 181A.175 Transmittal of disposition report
§ 181A.180 Copy of certain disposition reports to Teacher Standards and Practices Commission and Department of Education
§ 181A.185 Report of release or escape from state institution of certain inmates

Criminal Justice Information Standards

§ 181A.265 Criminal Justice Information Standards program
§ 181A.270 Duties of state criminal justice agencies
§ 181A.275 Criminal Justice Information Standards Advisory Board
§ 181A.280 Law Enforcement Data System established
§ 181A.285 Medical health database
§ 181A.287 Entry of certain convictions related to possession of firearms or ammunition into Law Enforcement Data System and databases of National Crime Information Center

Missing Persons Procedures

§ 181A.300 Establishment and maintenance of missing persons clearinghouse
§ 181A.305 Duties of administrator of clearinghouse
§ 181A.310 When notification of missing children clearinghouse required
§ 181A.315 Amber Plan
§ 181A.320 Written policies relating to missing vulnerable adults required

Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence Kits

§ 181A.322 Short title
§ 181A.323 Definitions for ORS 181A.323 to 181A.328
§ 181A.324 Sexual assault forensic evidence kit testing
§ 181A.325 Policies and procedures regarding collection, submission for testing, retention and destruction of kits
§ 181A.326 Notification to law enforcement agency when kit collected
§ 181A.328 Committee on tracking of sexual assault forensic evidence


§ 181A.340 Commissioning of humane special agents
§ 181A.345 Humane special agents to enforce animal welfare laws under direction of law enforcement agency
§ 181A.350 Eligibility of towing business to be placed on department list

Public Safety Standards and Training

§ 181A.355 Definitions for ORS 181A.355 to 181A.670
§ 181A.360 Board on Public Safety Standards and Training
§ 181A.365 Organization of board
§ 181A.370 Executive committee
§ 181A.375 Policy committees
§ 181A.380 Leave to perform duties of board or policy committee

Tribal Police Officers

§ 181A.680 Definitions for ORS 181A.680 to 181A.692
§ 181A.685 Eligibility to act as authorized tribal police officer
§ 181A.690 Legislative purpose
§ 181A.692 Application for nontribal police officers to exercise tribal police powers on tribal lands

Oregon Community Crime Prevention Information Center

§ 181A.720 Definitions for ORS 181A.725 to 181A.735
§ 181A.725 Oregon Community Crime Prevention Information Center
§ 181A.730 Coordinator
§ 181A.735 Advisory committee

Plan Addressing Use of Deadly Physical Force

§ 181A.775 Definitions for ORS 181A.775 to 181A.805
§ 181A.780 Planning authority
§ 181A.785 Components of plan
§ 181A.790 Policy relating to use of deadly physical force
§ 181A.795 Admissibility of conclusions and recommendations
§ 181A.800 Compliance

Public Safety Personnel Generally

§ 181A.820 Enforcement of federal immigration laws
§ 181A.825 Disclosure of information about certain employees of law enforcement agencies
§ 181A.830 Disclosure of information about certain public safety employees
§ 181A.832 Mental health wellness policies for law enforcement agencies
§ 181A.835 Peer support counseling sessions

Private Security Service Providers

§ 181A.840 Definitions for ORS 181A.360, 181A.840 to 181A.891, 181A.895 and 181A.995
§ 181A.845 Applicability of ORS 181A.840 to 181A.891
§ 181A.850 Prohibited acts
§ 181A.855 Qualifications for private security professional
§ 181A.860 Application procedure
§ 181A.865 Qualifications for executive manager or supervisory manager

Security on Campus

§ 181A.910 Short title
§ 181A.912 Requirements for special campus security providers and private security providers on campuses of institutions of higher education


§ 181A.990 Penalties
§ 181A.995 Penalties relating to regulation of private security services
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