Chapter 131A  Civil Forfeiture

Ex Parte Forfeitures

§ 131A.200 Ex parte forfeiture

Forfeiture Actions


§ 131A.225 Forfeiture actions generally

(Service Of Complaint)

§ 131A.230 Service

(Response To Complaint)

§ 131A.235 Responsive pleading
§ 131A.240 Response by affidavit
§ 131A.245 Hearing on objections to affidavit
§ 131A.250 Foreclosure of security interests, liens and vendors interests

(Standards Of Proof And Defenses)

§ 131A.255 Standards of proof in forfeiture action
§ 131A.260 Affirmative defenses in forfeiture action

(Stays And Consolidation Of Actions)

§ 131A.265 Stays
§ 131A.270 Consolidation of actions

(Special Motion For Release Of Property)

§ 131A.275 Special motion for release of property


§ 131A.300 Judgment forfeiting property generally
§ 131A.305 Judgment forfeiting property
§ 131A.310 Judgment for claimant
§ 131A.315 Default judgment

Disposition Of Forfeited Property

§ 131A.350 Disposition generally
§ 131A.355 Intergovernmental agreements
§ 131A.360 Distribution of forfeiture proceeds by local government
§ 131A.365 Distribution of forfeiture proceeds by state
§ 131A.370 Special Crime and Forfeiture Account


§ 131A.400 Prosecuting attorneys and forfeiture counsel
§ 131A.405 Liability of seizing agencies, forfeiting agencies and forfeiture counsel
§ 131A.410 Indemnification of officers, employees and agents

Asset Forfeiture Oversight Advisory Committee

§ 131A.450 Record keeping and reporting requirements
§ 131A.455 Asset Forfeiture Oversight Advisory Committee
§ 131A.460 Asset Forfeiture Oversight Account