2015 ORS § 98.416¹
Proceeding to compel delivery of unclaimed property
  • interest

(1) If any person refuses to deliver property to the Department of State Lands as required under ORS 98.352 (Report of abandoned property), the department may bring a suit or action in a court of appropriate jurisdiction to enforce delivery of the property.

(2) The department may require a person who fails to pay or deliver property within the time prescribed by ORS 98.302 (Definitions for ORS 98.302 to 98.436) to 98.436 (Short title) and 98.992 (Penalty for failure to report, pay or deliver property under ORS 98.302 to 98.436) to pay interest from the date the department determines interest should have been paid. Interest shall be paid at the rate set by the Director of the Department of Revenue pursuant to ORS 305.220 (Interest on deficiency, delinquency or refunds) (1) and (3). [1957 c.670 §26; 1983 c.716 §23; 1993 c.694 §26; 2003 c.272 §7]