2015 ORS § 92.190¹
Effect of replat
  • operation of other statutes
  • use of alternate procedures

(1) The replat of a portion of a recorded plat shall not act to vacate any recorded covenants or restrictions.

(2) Nothing in ORS 92.180 (Authority to review replats) to 92.190 (Effect of replat) is intended to prevent the operation of vacation actions by statutes in ORS chapter 271 or 368.

(3) The governing body of a city or county may use procedures other than replatting procedures in ORS 92.180 (Authority to review replats) and 92.185 (Reconfiguration of lots or parcels and public easements) to adjust property lines as described in ORS 92.010 (Definitions for ORS 92.010 to 92.192) (12), as long as those procedures include the recording, with the county clerk, of conveyances conforming to the approved property line adjustment as surveyed in accordance with ORS 92.060 (Marking subdivision, partition or condominium plats with monuments) (7).

(4) A property line adjustment deed shall contain the names of the parties, the description of the adjusted line, references to original recorded documents and signatures of all parties with proper acknowledgment. [1985 c.369 §4; 1989 c.772 §24; 1991 c.763 §20; 2007 c.866 §10]