2015 ORS § 92.097¹
Employment of registered engineer by private developer
  • government standards and fees

(1) A city, county or special district may not prohibit the employment by a developer of a registered engineer to design or supervise the installation of the improvements of streets, water and sewer lines or other public improvements that are to be installed in conjunction with the development of land using private funds.

(2) When design or supervision of installation of improvements is performed by a registered engineer under subsection (1) of this section, the city, county or special district may elect to establish standards for such improvements, review and approve plans and specifications and inspect the installation of improvements. The city, county or special district may collect a fee for inspection and any other services provided in an amount not to exceed the actual cost of performing the inspection or other services provided. [1979 c.191 §2; 2009 c.259 §21]