2015 ORS § 87.156¹
Innkeepers lien

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, the keeper of an inn, hotel or motel has a lien on the chattels brought into the inn, hotel or motel belonging to or under the control of a guest or boarder for the reasonable or agreed charges due the keeper from the guest or boarder for accommodation, board and lodging, services, money, labor and materials furnished at the request of the guest or boarder by the keeper. The keeper may retain possession of the chattels until those charges are paid.

(2)(a) The keeper may not retain prescription or nonprescription medications, medical equipment or apparatus, food or childrens clothing or accessories after the guest or boarder requests return of the property.

(b) If the keeper retains property in violation of this subsection, the keeper waives any claim to unpaid charges against the guest or boarder.

(c) In any action brought by the guest or boarder to compel the return of the property or to recover damages based on its retention, the prevailing party may recover attorney fees. [1975 c.648 §4; 1989 c.590 §2; 2009 c.599 §16]