2015 ORS § 86.140¹
Liability of mortgagee for failure to discharge mortgage

If any mortgagee or the personal representative or assignee of the mortgagee, after full performance of the condition of the mortgage before or after a breach thereof, shall, within 30 days after being thereto requested, and after tender of reasonable charges, fail to discharge the same, or to execute and acknowledge a certificate of discharge or release thereof, that person shall be liable to the mortgagor, or the heirs or assigns of the mortgagor, in the sum of $500 damages and also for all actual damages occasioned by such failure, to be recovered in an action at law. The owner and holder of the promissory note referred to in ORS 86.110 (Discharge of record by owner and holder of mortgage note who is not the mortgagee of record) is deemed the personal representative of the mortgagee for the purposes of this section. [Amended by 1955 c.29 §1; 1955 c.512 §1; 1993 c.648 §1]