2015 ORS § 836.520¹
Action on petition
  • order setting aside area for landing field
  • user permits
  • revocation of order or permit

The State Aviation Board shall give due consideration to each petition submitted under ORS 836.515 (Petition to set aside shore as landing field), and may in its discretion order a public hearing in the vicinity in which it is proposed to establish the landing field, at which hearing all persons interested may appear and be heard. If after due consideration the board is of the opinion that the best interests of the general public will be served by granting the petition, an order may be made which shall be entered in the minutes of the board. The order shall provide that the described area shall be set aside as a landing field for aircraft and the order may authorize the issuance of a permit to the applicant to use the field for said purpose. The permit shall contain such conditions and safeguards with respect to policing and other matters incident to the public welfare as the board deems proper for the safety of the general public. The board may, for a violation of any of the terms or conditions of the permit, recall and cancel the same. The board may in its discretion vacate the order setting aside the area for a landing field whenever in the judgment of the board the interests of the general public warrant such action. [Formerly 492.800 [bad link]]