2015 ORS § 824.256¹
Expense contributed by public held in trust by railroad company

Any portion of the cost or expense that is contributed or borne by any public authority under ORS 824.200 (Definitions for ORS 824.200 to 824.256), 824.204 (Authority to construct grade crossings), 824.206 (Elimination, relocation or alteration of grade crossing), 824.210 (Construction and alteration of crossings above or below grade) to 824.218 (Work and materials furnished by railroad company) and 824.226 (Dangerous grade crossings) shall forever be considered as held in trust by the railroad company receiving the same or the benefits thereof, and no part thereof shall be considered a part of the value of the property of the railroad company upon which it is entitled to receive a return. [Formerly 763.320 [bad link]]