2015 ORS § 823.029¹
Failure to furnish requested information

No officer, agent or employee of any motor carrier or railroad shall:

(1) Fail or refuse to provide any information or document required by the Department of Transportation;

(2) Fail or refuse to answer any question therein propounded;

(3) Knowingly or willfully give a false answer to any such question or evade the answer to any such question where the fact inquired of is within the persons knowledge;

(4) Upon proper demand, fail or refuse to exhibit to the department or any person authorized to examine the same, any book, paper, account, record or memorandum of the motor carrier or railroad that is in possession or under the control of the person;

(5) Fail to properly use and keep a system of accounting or any part thereof, as prescribed by the department; or

(6) Refuse to do any act or thing in connection with such system of accounting when so directed by the department or authorized representative. [1995 c.733 §23]