2015 ORS § 823.025¹
Maintaining and producing records
  • expenses incurred in out-of-state examinations
  • rules

(1) The Department of Transportation may require by rule, or by order or subpoena to be served on any motor carrier or railroad, the maintaining within this state or the production within this state at such time and place as the department may designate, of any books, accounts, papers or records kept by such motor carrier or railroad in any office or place within or without this state, or verified copies in lieu thereof, if the department so orders, in order that an examination thereof may be made by the department or under direction of the department.

(2) When a motor carrier or railroad keeps and maintains its books, accounts, papers or records outside the state, the department may examine such documents and shall be reimbursed by the motor carrier or railroad for all expenses incurred in making such out-of-state examination. [1995 c.733 §21]