2015 ORS § 815.290¹
Exemptions from equipment requirements

(1) In addition to any other specific exemptions provided for implements of husbandry, implements of husbandry are exempt from any requirements under the following:

(a) ORS 815.075 (Selling vehicles or equipment that violates rules) and 815.100 (Operation of vehicle that violates equipment rules), relating to state requirements for vehicle equipment.

(b) ORS 811.515 (When lights must be displayed), 811.520 (Unlawful use or failure to use lights), 816.040 (Lighting equipment standards) to 816.290 (End load lights), 816.320 (Lighting equipment required for motor vehicles), 816.330 (Operation without required lighting equipment), 816.350 (Prohibitions on number and kind of lights for certain vehicles) and 816.360 (Use of prohibited lighting equipment), relating to requirements for and use of lighting equipment.

(c) ORS 815.125 (Requirements and standards) and 815.130 (Improper brakes), relating to brake requirements.

(d) ORS 815.180 (Standards) and 815.185 (Operation without proper fenders or mudguards), relating to fender and mudguard requirements and use.

(e) ORS 815.210 (Operation of vehicle without approved material in windows), relating to material in windshields.

(f) ORS 815.215 (Failure to have windshield wipers), relating to requirements for windshield wipers.

(g) ORS 815.230 (Violation of sound equipment requirements), relating to vehicle sound equipment.

(h) ORS 815.235 (Operation without rearview mirror), relating to rearview mirrors.

(i) ORS 815.240 (Unlawful use of image display device), relating to image display devices in vehicles. Limitations on the use of image display devices in implements of husbandry are provided in ORS 820.400 (Unlawful operation of implement of husbandry).

(j) ORS 815.250 (Operation without proper exhaust system), relating to vehicle exhaust and exhaust equipment.

(2) This section does not exempt implements of husbandry from the requirements for equipment and operation under ORS 820.400 (Unlawful operation of implement of husbandry). [1983 c.338 §778; 1985 c.16 §375; 1985 c.69 §6; 2005 c.572 §2]