2015 ORS § 811.603¹
Parking identification card without photograph
  • issuance
  • rules

(1) The Department of Transportation shall issue a parking identification card without a photograph to an applicant for a disabled person parking permit if the applicant does not have a driver license, a driver permit or an identification card issued by the department under ORS 807.400 (Issuance) and if the applicant submits a statement from a physician that it would be impractical or harmful to the applicant, because of medical or physical condition, to appear at an office of the department and be photographed for an identification card.

(2) The department shall determine by rule the terms, conditions and requirements of a parking identification card issued under this section except that the department may not require either that an applicant appear personally in order to receive or renew a card or that the card contain a photograph. [1991 c.741 §2b; 2001 c.827 §12; 2008 c.1 §29]