2015 ORS § 811.265¹
Driver failure to obey traffic control device
  • penalty

(1) A person commits the offense of driver failure to obey a traffic control device if the person drives a vehicle and the person does any of the following:

(a) Fails to obey the directions of any traffic control device.

(b) Fails to obey any specific traffic control device described in ORS 811.260 (Appropriate driver responses to traffic control devices) in the manner required by that section.

(2) A person is not subject to this section if the person is doing any of the following:

(a) Following the directions of a police officer.

(b) Driving an emergency vehicle or ambulance in accordance with the privileges granted those vehicles under ORS 820.300 (Exemptions from traffic laws).

(c) Properly proceeding on a red light as authorized under ORS 811.360 (Vehicle turns permitted at stop light).

(d) Driving in a funeral procession led by a funeral lead vehicle or under the direction of the driver of a funeral escort vehicle.

(3) The offense described in this section, driver failure to obey a traffic control device, is a Class B traffic violation. [1983 c.338 §608; 1991 c.482 §13; 2015 c.147 §3]