2015 ORS § 809.275¹
Court to take possession of license or permit
  • effective date of suspension or revocation

(1) A court shall take immediate possession of any license or driver permit held by a defendant that is issued by any jurisdiction if the court orders a suspension or revocation under ORS 165.805 (Misrepresentation of age by a minor), 471.430 (Purchase or possession of alcoholic beverages by person under 21), 809.120 (Court-ordered suspension of registration or driving privileges for weight violation), 809.235 (Permanent revocation of driving privileges upon conviction of certain crimes), 809.240 (Court-ordered suspension or revocation), 809.260 (Court-ordered suspension of driving privileges for convicted juvenile), 809.265 (Suspension for inhalant or controlled substances conviction), 809.270 (Driver improvement course), 811.109 (Penalties for speed violations) or 811.135 (Careless driving).

(2) Upon taking possession of a license or permit under this section, a court shall immediately forward to the Department of Transportation the license or permit and a copy of the suspension or revocation order or other information satisfactory to the department and to the State Court Administrator.

(3) A suspension or revocation of driving privileges becomes effective on the date a court takes possession of a license or permit under this section or orders the suspension or revocation.

(4) The department is not required to provide further notice of a suspension or revocation ordered by the court.

(5) Nothing in this section requires a court to take additional action, after the conclusion of the sentencing hearing, to secure the driver license or driver permit. [Formerly 809.250; 2011 c.355 §9]