2015 ORS § 803.035¹
Optional titling
  • rules

(1) The Department of Transportation, by rule, may provide for optional titling of vehicles that are not subject to the vehicle titling requirements under ORS 803.025 (Violating title requirements) or that are exempt from vehicle titling requirements by ORS 803.030 (Exemptions from title requirement). The rules adopted for purposes of this subsection may provide for the titling of categories of vehicles, types of vehicles or otherwise. Upon request of an owner, the department may issue title for a vehicle that meets the requirements of rules adopted under this section.

(2) A vehicle that is issued title under this section is subject to the same provisions, conditions, fees and other requirements for titling as are other vehicles under the vehicle code and is subject to ORS 803.040 (Effect of title). [1985 c.333 §2; 1993 c.233 §19]