2015 ORS § 80.121¹
Confirmation of existence of any effective financing statement
  • fee
  • rules

(1) On request, the Secretary of State shall furnish to persons not registered under ORS 80.118 (Master list of farm products) oral confirmation within 24 hours of the existence of any effective financing statement followed by written confirmation to any buyer of farm products buying from a debtor or commission merchant or selling agent selling for a seller covered by such statement.

(2) The request for oral confirmation shall be in writing and shall be presented to the office of the Secretary of State during normal business hours.

(3) Information on an effective financing statement may be furnished by telephone to the requestor of an oral confirmation.

(4) Oral confirmation shall be followed by written confirmation from the Secretary of State within 48 hours after the oral confirmation.

(5) The Secretary of State shall by rule prescribe the service fees for processing oral and written confirmation requests on effective financing statements. [Formerly 79.6080]