2015 ORS § 80.103¹
Filing of statements in electronic format
  • rules

(1) An effective financing statement, amendment to an effective financing statement, continuation statement, statement that an effective financing statement has lapsed or other statement filed with the Secretary of State under ORS 80.100 (Definitions for ORS 80.100 to 80.130) to 80.130 (Place to register as buyer of farm product, commission merchant or selling agent) may be filed in an electronic format.

(2) Statements filed electronically under this section shall conform to the technical specifications for electronic filing as prescribed by the Secretary of State by rule.

(3) Signatures required on any statement filed in an electronic format shall be supplied as electronic signatures as defined in ORS 84.004 (Definitions for ORS 84.001 to 84.061). [Formerly 79.6025]