2015 ORS § 777.780¹
Board of directors
  • election
  • term
  • compensation
  • board officers

(1) The board of directors of the export trading corporation shall consist of three members. Only commissioners of the port shall be eligible to serve as members of the board of directors. The board of directors shall be elected by majority vote of the commissioners of the port.

(2) The initial board of directors shall consist of one director elected for a one-year term, one director elected for a two-year term and one director elected for a three-year term. Following election of the initial board, the term of office of a director is three years. A director shall serve until a successor is elected and qualified.

(3) Before the expiration of the term of a director, the commissioners of the port shall elect a successor. A director is eligible for reelection. In case of a vacancy for any cause, the commissioners of the port shall elect a person to serve for the unexpired term.

(4) The board shall choose from among its members by majority vote a president, vice president and secretary-treasurer to serve for such terms as the board may determine.

(5) Directors shall not be entitled to compensation for their services but shall be entitled to reimbursements for actual and necessary expenses incurred or paid in the performance of their duties as members of the board. [1983 c.200 §4]