2015 ORS § 777.765¹
Powers of export trading corporation

An export trading corporation shall constitute a municipal corporation of this state and a public body, corporate and politic, exercising public power. No part of the net earnings of an export trading corporation shall accrue to the benefit of a private person. An export trading corporation may:

(1) Develop, manage and operate export trading projects.

(2) Conduct market research, advertising and marketing, within and outside the boundaries of this state.

(3) Purchase or otherwise acquire, finance, hold, maintain, sell, lease or otherwise dispose of goods or services of every type or nature, within or outside the boundaries of this state.

(4) Acquire or provide communication, insurance, legal assistance, transportation, including trade documentation and freight forwarding, foreign exchange, letters of credit and other necessary or desirable services.

(5) Purchase or otherwise acquire, construct, operate, maintain, lease, rent and dispose of warehouses, elevators, terminals, buildings and other necessary or desirable facilities, within or outside the boundaries of this state.

(6) Enter into contracts, joint ventures, brokerage or other agreements with any person for the purchase, sale or distribution of goods or services, within or outside the boundaries of this state.

(7) Levy and collect rentals, commissions, fees, storage and other charges for use of facilities or services rendered.

(8) Apply for and accept financial, technical or other assistance from any person, including the federal, state, county or city government, or other municipal corporations.

(9) Enter into contracts with any governmental entity or municipal corporation.

(10) Do such other acts or things as may be necessary or convenient for the exercise of the powers granted by ORS 294.125 (Investment of funds authorized by order of governing body), 294.316 (Application), 646.740 [bad link] and 777.755 (Legislative findings and policy) to 777.800 (Annual report). [1983 c.200 §10]