2015 ORS § 777.755¹
Legislative findings and policy

The Legislative Assembly hereby finds that:

(1) The geographical location of this state, its maritime resources, its skilled labor force and the availability of land for industrial and commercial development provide an opportunity for the citizens of this state to expand participation in and increase the benefits from international trade and commerce.

(2) The development and operation of international trade and commerce is in the public interest because that trade and commerce promotes the commerce of this state, creates and retains jobs and diversifies the economy of this state.

(3) Export trading corporations, encouraged by federal law, provide a means to develop and facilitate international trade and commerce and the export and import of goods and services through this state by furnishing services necessary to international trade and by the purchase, sale and financing of goods and services.

(4) Export trading corporations can facilitate the expansion of total exports and imports and are an important mechanism for experimentation in the development of innovative international trade programs beneficial to local, state, regional and national economic needs.

(5) Export trading corporations can provide a means for meeting this states need for well-developed export and import trade intermediaries and can achieve economies of scale and acquire expertise enabling them to export and import goods and services or provide export and import trade services at a reasonable cost to producers. [1983 c.200 §1]