2015 ORS § 777.520¹
Special tax levy, rate, use of proceeds
  • bond sinking fund

(1) A port may assess, levy and collect each year in addition to other taxes which it is by law authorized to levy, a special tax upon all taxable real and personal property situated within the port.

(2) Such annual levy shall not exceed one-tenth of one percent. The proceeds thereof shall be used only in the purchase on the open market of bonds of the port, at such prices, as the board determines.

(3) All funds collected from such levy shall be placed in a separate fund, designated the bond sinking fund, and shall be used exclusively for the purposes provided by this section as long as the principal of any bond of the port remains outstanding or unpaid. After the principal of all bonds of the port has been paid, the balance remaining in such fund may be transferred to any other fund as the board may direct. [Amended by 1971 c.728 §85]