2015 ORS § 757.897¹
Notice of ratemaking
  • ratemaking hearings

(1) Whenever the board of directors of Oregon Community Power determines to seek a modification in any rate imposed by the board for electricity service, the board shall give notice of a ratemaking hearing, at least 30 days in advance, as follows:

(a) In newspapers of general circulation that are published in the service territory;

(b) As a separate insert accompanying billing statements sent to customers;

(c) To persons that have requested notice of ratemaking action by the board; and

(d) By publication on the Oregon Community Power website.

(2) The notice shall state:

(a) The date, time and location of the ratemaking hearing of the board;

(b) The new rates or modifications to existing rates being proposed by the board; and

(c) Any other information deemed relevant by the board.

(3) At the time that the board issues a notice of a ratemaking hearing, the board shall publish on the Oregon Community Power website or otherwise make available to the public the underlying utility information upon which the proposed rates are based. The board shall provide the specific information required by bylaws adopted under ORS 757.905 (Adoption of bylaws) (1).

(4)(a) Pursuant to ORS 183.625 (Assignment of administrative law judges), the board shall request, and the Office of Administrative Hearings shall assign, an administrative law judge to conduct the ratemaking hearing. The ratemaking hearing shall be conducted under ratemaking hearing procedures established by bylaws adopted under ORS 757.905 (Adoption of bylaws) (2). The hearing shall be conducted in a manner that allows interested parties to present information and argument and to establish a record upon which the board may establish or modify rates pursuant to ORS 757.895 (Ratemaking).

(b) The administrative law judge shall ensure that the rates established at the ratemaking hearing are sufficient to accomplish all of the purposes described in ORS 757.895 (Ratemaking) (3).

(5) Notwithstanding ORS 757.822 (Laws applicable to Oregon Community Power), a decision by the board to establish or modify rates may be appealed as a contested case under ORS chapter 183. [2007 c.807 §23]

Note: See note under 757.812 (Definitions for ORS 757.812 to 757.950).