2015 ORS § 757.538¹

The Public Utility Commission and the State Department of Energy shall adopt rules as necessary to implement ORS 757.522 (Definitions for ORS 757.522 to 757.536) to 757.536 (Public Utility Commission review of plans and rates to ensure compliance with greenhouse gas emissions standard). [2009 c.751 §8]

Note: See note under 757.522 (Definitions for ORS 757.522 to 757.536).

Note: Sections 9 and 12, chapter 751, Oregon Laws 2009, provide:

Sec. 9. (1) The Public Utility Commission shall develop estimates of the rate impacts for electric companies and natural gas companies to meet the following alternative greenhouse gas emission reduction goals for 2020:

(a) Ten percent below 1990 levels, as specified in ORS 468A.205 (Policy); and

(b) Fifteen percent below 2005 levels.

(2) The commission shall submit a report presenting the estimates and explaining the analysis used to develop the estimates to the appropriate interim committee of the Legislative Assembly prior to November 1 of each even-numbered year. [2009 c.751 §9]

Sec. 12. Section 9 of this 2009 Act is repealed on January 2, 2020. [2009 c.751 §12]