2015 ORS § 748.506¹
Investigation of foreign or alien society
  • notice of deficiencies
  • revocation or suspension of authority

(1) The Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services shall notify the society of any deficiency or deficiencies, and state in writing the reasons for dissatisfaction, when the director, upon investigation, finds that a foreign or alien society transacting or applying to transact business in this state:

(a) Has exceeded its powers;

(b) Has failed to comply with any of the provisions of this chapter;

(c) Is not fulfilling its contracts in good faith; or

(d) Is conducting its business fraudulently or in a manner hazardous to its members, creditors or the public.

(2) The director shall at once issue a written notice to the society requiring that the deficiency or deficiencies be corrected. After notice, the society shall have 30 days in which to comply with the directors request for correction, and if the society fails to comply, the director shall notify the society of findings of noncompliance and require the society to show cause on a date named why its certificate of authority should not be suspended, revoked or refused. If on the named date the society does not present good and sufficient reason why its certificate of authority should not be suspended, revoked or refused, the director may suspend or refuse the certificate of authority until satisfactory evidence is furnished to the director that the suspension or refusal should be withdrawn or the director may revoke the certificate of authority of the society.

(3) Nothing contained in this section shall be taken or construed as preventing any foreign or alien society from continuing in good faith all contracts made in this state during the time the foreign or alien society was legally authorized to transact business as provided in this chapter. [1987 c.490 §32; 1991 c.182 §15]