2015 ORS § 743A.050¹
Services provided by registered nurse first assistant

(1) An insurer offering a health insurance policy that provides coverage for hospital, medical or surgical expenses, other than coverage limited to expenses from accidents or specific diseases, shall provide payment or reimbursement for professional services performed by a registered nurse whose certification as a registered nurse first assistant has been recognized by the Oregon State Board of Nursing under ORS 678.366 (Registered nurse first assistants).

(2) This section also applies to health care service contractors, as defined in ORS 750.005 (Definitions), and trusts carrying out multiple employer welfare arrangements, as defined in ORS 750.301 (Definitions for ORS 750.301 to 750.341). [Formerly 743.798]

Note: See 743A.001 (Automatic repeal of certain statutes on individual and group health insurance).