2015 ORS § 742.372¹
Guaranteed arrest bond certificate

As used in ORS 742.374 (Surety may issue guaranteed arrest bond certificate not to exceed $1,000) and 742.376 (Requirements to issue guaranteed arrest bond certificate), guaranteed arrest bond certificate means any printed certificate which:

(1) Is issued by an automobile club or automobile association to any of its members;

(2) Is signed by the member to whom it is issued; and

(3) Contains a printed statement that the automobile club or automobile association and a named surety insurer guarantee the appearance of the member whose signature appears on the certificate and that, if the member does not make the appearance in court to guarantee which the certificate is posted, they will pay in an amount not to exceed $1,000 any fine or forfeiture imposed against the individual. [Formerly 747.082 [bad link] and then 743.762]